Topaz: First Year AnniversaryMature

I opened my eyes. It was Friday morning, the day after Blaze arrived. She was the first thought that popped into my head, and I honestly think that if you got to know her, she'd be really nice - she just needs to open up her mind and accept that she's a witch. That's what I did and now I've got loads of friends. Then I realised: it was exactly a year since I had joined the school! I couldn't wait to tell everyone! I immediatly jumped out of bed and grabbed my clothes off the radiator where I left them last night. I got changed and then ran over to my little sink to wash myself, doing that stubbing my toe so that it bled - not a great start to the day. Multi-tasking, I started washing my face with one hand, whilst grabbing my wand so that I could manouver a tissue from the box to my foot with the other. Once all this comotion was over I brushed my hair and ran out into the corridor, straight into a girl that looked about 16!

" Oops! sorry, are you okay?! I'm Topaz, what's your name?" I apologised.

" Its okay - I'm fine - my name is Blaze. Anyway, why were you running so fast?"

"Oh, it's because it's my first year anniversary! I can't wait to tell all my friends!" I replied.

" Congrats. It's my second day." Blaze said with sarcasm.

She said this just as we entered the eating hall... and to my suprise all my friends had party hats on and all my favourite food was on the table! It was amazing!

"Looks like I won't have to tell them after all!" I thought, exited.

The End

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