Daughter of the StarsMature


I walked calmly down the hallways people moving out of the way to let me past. They all smiled and called my name.

"Hey Ocean, how are ya?" "Hey Ocean the football team won big time" "Hey Ocean is the Club organizing the winter dance yet? I have some great ideas"

"Yes what did you have in mind?" I stop before the girl calmly. My voice sounds like bells and gives off a sort of calm effect.

"Crystals, my mother and her grandmother are great at doing crystal displays" she says nervously.

"Well, that would be marvolous but I must ask the rest of the club first"

"But you're the Daughter of the Stars and the head of the club surely the choice is all yours" the girls friend comments.

"I may be but that doesn't make me in charge of everything" I nod my head my crystal white hair thin veils next to my face, it goes all the way to my hips and almost sparkles. "I must be going we have a new student today" I say turning on my heals.

"Of course Ocean" they say in unison. I turn my crystal blue eyes away and begin to head down the corridor. My body is adverage height and while I'm thin I am quite muscular.

I reach the reception to find a young girl sitting on the bench. "My aren't people looking a lot beyond their age" I say and I watch the girl look up.

The End

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