The Craft.Mature

Witches. They aren't cruel OR mean! They are just unsuspecting kids, when sudenly....POOF! They're a witch! Mrs Clumpticks school for yougn witches is obviously a school for witches. It still has those hardcore teachers that don't take no mercy and those idiotic popular girls....


As I walked past the shop a few chavvy boys woldwhisled.

I blushed and kept on walking. I'm only 13, but I look about 16! Why? I don't know! It's so unfair!

"Come overhere babe!"Called one of them.

I turned around, and glared furiously at them.

"I. Am. Only. Thirteen!"I snapped. They looked taken-aback.

I turned around, my honeys curls swishing over my face.

I stormed back home, and ran up to my small room. My window. Ahhh, my window! It was amazing, I could sit on the 'sill and watch everyone!

I don't care if I have the smallest room in the house, it has the best view!

I looked up to see the little stars painted on my celing. I shrieked when They started to move and glisten.

"MUM!!"I cried, she burst in, I pointed to the celing. She screamed and yelled for Max, my step-dad.

Once they had calmed me down, they told me I had to go to a special school.

"IM NOT A SPAZ!"I raored.

"Yes, yes, we know! Your a witch!"Explained Max.

I stuttered and pulled staringe faces. Mum handed me a leaflet.

Mrs Clumpticks Accademy For Young Witches.

The accademy has been running for many years now, and witches for all over the UK have come!


  • Plain black skirt.
  • White blouse.
  • Black jumper.
  • Plain black cape with silver buckle.


    • Five plain exersize books.
    • Fountain pen or biro.

    And any any other schooling items!

     stared at the leaflet, gobsmaked.

    "Okay. I'll go."I sighed.

    Wonderful. I'm a witch!


    The End

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