Go on then, go through the wall.

You jump through the wall at full throttle and come bolt upright with exactly what should be there. A wall. Just as you're thinking you really must simply be a little mad, or at least somewhat dazed from the previous blow that you feel certain you must have received earlier ( although you're not entirely sure where), the voice of the crab trickles into your consciousness sounding something decidedly like a cackle. Or is it a chuckle?

Don't be stupid, stupid, crabs don't cackle, or chuckle - we chortle.


Yes, chortle. Tee Hee!!!

Wonderful. You've been asked to jump through a swirling wall by a chortling crab.

Well are you going to just sit there, or are you going through?

" I just tried to go through and all I have to show for it is a huge great bruise on my forehead'

Oh, Yes, I forgot. You need to very clearly be saying ' there's no place like home', and imagining a whit rabbit. That should work.


What other choice do you have?

And looking around and seeing no doors and no windows you realise he's right.

The End

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