Give the crab a shot: let him explore the chute.

Stretching you manage to place the crab in the entrance of the chute and he quickly scuttles out of sight.

After a few moments he reappears holding a small, glowing metal disc.

You take him out of the chute and immediately he points at a small hole in the wall by the grate, and then waves the disc.

You take the disc, place it in the hole and for a second a glyph shines with a luminescent aura and the grate disappears.  Realising  that this small crustacean is a much more powerfull ally  than you first thought you continue  your escape, the crab quite content to ride on your shoulder.

After walking for what seems like forever you see a shaft of daylight and you lengthen your pace, you come to a hole just big enough for you to squeeze through. You poke your head out gingerly and then emerge into a clearing in the forest about a mile from the fortress.

You look around the clearing and see a small man in a blue and gold robe apparently asleep , his head resting on his over stuffed saddlebags. A beautiful Palamino with an ornate black leather saddle is tied to a nearby tree, concentrating intently on its nosebag.

As you bend down to see if the guy is alive, the crab trots down your arm sits on the mans chest and slowly goes to sleep

Almost immediately the mans eyes open and he smiles.

"Ah there you are." He exclaims. " How wonderful it is to meet you at last."

Rising from his recumbent position he gestures to his horse and  says . " Quickly we must leave right away ! Its far too dangerous for you here."

He jumps astride his horse after removing the nosebag and stowing it in already bulging saddle bags,and gestures for you to get on.


The End

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