Head left towards the source of the breeze, potentially a way out.

You follow the breeze down the stone corridor for a good ten minutes.  The crab spends most of the journey fidgeting uncomfortably in your pocket, trying to find the optimum position for its many limbs.  Eventually you reach a rusty iron grating that stretches across the width of the corridor, barring your movement.

You are less than pleased by this and angrily punch at the wall, a foolish action.  You hurt your hand and swear loudly, the words bouncing their way down the corridor in a loud echo.  The crab looks up at you, it seems to be disappointed and decides to go it alone.

The crab climbs its way out of your pocket and hoists itself up onto your shoulder with a disconcerting show of agility.  It sidles its way up to your cheek.  You turn your head and stare straight into its watery little eyes.

The eyestalks nod at you.

What are you nodding at me for, crab?  You wonder for a moment, your eyes firmly fixed on your companion.  The crab doesn't seem to care much for your contemplative state of mind, however, and gestures towards the top of the grate, somehow managing to convey a sense of annoyance with a movement of its claws.

You follow the crab's claw and see what appears to be a chute running from the top of the grate into the darkness.  The crab seems to be anxious to explore it, shaking its claw quite hectically at the chute.  You know full well, however, that if you put your crab-pal into that chute he may never return, but it may be your only shot.

Besides, the crab seems to know what he's doing.

The End

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