Attempt to make conversation with the crab. Maybe it's smarter than it looks?

Despite the fact that there is no other person in the room, you feel a bit self-conscious as the idea comes into your mind to speak with the crab. But then hasn't he - it? - already attempted to communicate with you by pointing at that depression in the wall.

And what did he mean by it? A depression in the wall, a way out? Well, forget that for a minute. Concentrate on the crab. What do you say to a crab that you've just met? 'Hello' sounds a bit lame, you can't say that. You'll have to think of something more profound.


I thought 'hello' was lame and you were going to think of something more...what was your word...profound.

What the hell was that? The crab's reply just came straight into your head, it didn't even speak.

Of course I didn't speak! Please don't tell me that you thought crabs could speak. This is wonderful! I've just made contact with a human, one of the advanced species on this planet, and he thinks crabs can speak. And here I was thinking I had problems.

Now you're awake. You sit bolt upright against the wall, your focus on the crab blotting out the cries of your aching body. So what now? You're still asleep, or in a coma, or crazy? Yeah, that last one sounds plausible. You give voice to it.

'Am I crazy?'

Are you asking me? Let me point something out to you. You've just started a conversation, through the power of telepathy, with a crab. Because of that, you start to wonder if you're crazy. So, in order to find out, you decide to ask the very same crab that caused you to think you were crazy in the first place. I guess that answers your question.

'Who the hell are you?'

Are we really going to discuss existentialism all day, or are you going to get out of here? I've shown you the way.

With it's pincer raised, the crab again pointed to the depression in the wall. As you turn your head to the wall, looking more intensely this time, you notice the wall start to swirl hypnotically, the pattern of bricks spinning.

You know, maybe I'm God and you're my prophet. Remember Moses and the burning bush. Ring any bells? But does it really matter, anyway.

'Is it some kind of portal? What's out there?'

You're not very spontaneous, are you? Are you British? Why don't you go and find out. Oh dear, I've picked the wrong one to ask here.

'Ask to do what?'

I need your help. You want to spoil the surprise of what's through that wall, my friend? I'll tell you...Salvation!

The End

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