Chapter Two- Katerina

A noise. What was that noise?

 Daniel moved his head to the side, his eyes remained closed as a sound filled his ears, knocking him from a memory but he didn't want to open his eyes. He didn't want to wake up because truth was, he didn't know where he was going or what to do.

 "Open your eyes, Daniel!"

 His eyes squinted, the familiar voice demanding him to wake up. "Denyse..." He whispered.

 Then there was a touch on his shoulder. It was gentle but at the same time unsure and he turned towards it, his hazel orbs fluttering open, needing to know how Denyse found him but his gaze did fall on a women but it wasn't her but the singer from the bar.

 He let out a breath before blinking a few times before looking away, the whiskey still hitting him like a hammer pounding a nail.

 "Um, I don't mean to intrude I just, thought you should know a cab just left. Hope it wasn't yours." She said, frowning at his condition.

 Groaning, he threw an arm over his face. "Yeah. It was for me. Now I guess im walking."

 Even drunk his sentence was clear, not at all slurred as he answered her and gave her an annoyed look.

 She turned her attention elsewhere, apparently uncomfortable with the gesture but none the less offered, "I can give you a ride. I mean if you want?"

 Daniel rose a brow, caught off by the sudden hospitality. "Why, I could be a serial killer."

 As to prove a point, he stood up from the bench and stepped forward, slightly threatening, her eyes grew wide as she stepped back from him, her back came in contact with something solid and she was trapped as he placed a hand against the wall beside her head. His eyes were half slits. He tilted his head, mouth positioned near her ear. "I could be a stalker or much, much worse." He pulled back slowly.

 She stared into his eyes and she saw so many things. It was like looking into a black pit of nothingness. There was so much pain in those orbs that it took her breath away but it was the loneliness that she knew he felt. It was written clearly there and she couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy and before she could stop the words from coming out, she blurted out, "I'm sorry."

 It was his turn to go wide eyed, the viscous expression turned shocked. He was completely still until he decided to let his arm fall. He turned but her voice had him stop once more, "Please. Let me give you a ride. Its dangerous out here at night."

 Daniel didn't answer at first, pondering the idea. "Fine."

 She felt relieved and blew out a breath she didn't realize she was holding, immediately tensing up when he faced her, even though this time there was no heat in his composure. Giving him a cautious smile, she said, "My car is around back."

 He nodded and followed her around the bar to the back, keeping a good distance between them until they reached a classic car.

 He stopped, his eyes looking every inch of the vehicle. It was a dodge demon, purple interior and gorgeous. He whistled, causing her to laugh.

 "You like it? It was a gift from my father. It's a 75'." Her voice was bragging with a hint of pride, as she dug out her car keys and opened the door, getting into the drivers seat.

 "Yeah. It's gorgeous." He walked around to the passenger side, his hand barely touching the paint as he felt its body before opening the door and climbing in.

 The inside was as beautiful as the outside and he found himself staring at it in awe.


 His Head whipped around to look at her. "Come again?" He asked.

 She licked her lips, repeating, "My name. It's Katerina Chambers."

 He suddenly felt very uncomfortable. "Daniel."

 "Daniel?" She was hinting for a last name.

 "Can we go." He changed the subject forcefully. Annoyance in his voice.

 "Sorry. Yeah." Katerina apologized before turning the key and starting the ignition.

 The car came to life with a roar. It was loud at first before dying down to a purr as she pulled out of the lot and back to the road.

 "Where am I taking you?" She asked, not knowing which way to turn.

 "Boulevard drive. 6th street apartments." He answered lowly and without hesitation she pulled out, turning right.

 She observed him from the corner of her eyes. Something about him made her feel sorry for him. She didn't know him but by the way he acts she knew that something terrible must have happened to make him the way he is but there was something else. The stranger setting beside her made every cell in her body nervous, scared even. It was the kind of feeling you get when your car is about to take a high dive off a bridge. Everything about it screams warning.

 Well everything about Daniel, screams danger.

 At that moment she found herself tense completely as his cold gaze settled on her and all she wanted to do was regret offering him a ride in the first place but she couldn't because she wasn't blowing it out of proportion when she said it was dangerous at night because it was anything but a nice town.

 There was the places that had drug dealers, your average serial killer or kidnappings and this town had all three but there was one thing about this particular town that made it different then any other. Serial killers turn out to be people who don't just carve up people but literally cut them to pieces and even cut out their victims hearts. Kidnappings ended the same way except it wasn't random. Everytime someone went missing, they were always a common victim to some point but their were some unexplained. Those were the ones that held true meaning.

 It was fifteen minutes before the apartments came into view and Katerina pulled up onto the side of the road.

 Daniel's head was leaned up against the glass, eyes closed and mouth slightly hung open and he somehow looked younger but it was the way his features were no longer rough or on guard but relaxed and soft.

 Smiling sadly, she hesitated in touching him before deciding to just wake him up by speaking instead.

 "Daniel? Hey, were here."

 He mumbled something and Katerina pulled her brows together in confusion and leaned in a little to her as he spoke again.

 "Covenant...stay away."

 She jerked back. The words were more of a growl and she could already tell his face had hardened way before his eyes violently snapped open but his head did not move though his pupils did and once again she flinched at the hatred she saw there. A part of her knew that he was drunk and that his past must be affecting his emotions because all she could see, all she could sense, was a pure loathing coming off him in waves.

 He blinked a few times after a minute and narrowed his eyes. "Sorry. Thanks for the ride Katerina." With that he was out of the car and walking to the apartment.

 Katerina watched as he went up to the door, hand going on the knob, giving her one last glance before twisting it and soon disappearing behind the now closed door and her body shook because she was scared, not of him but for him.

 One hand resting on the door and the other on the knob, Daniel laid his forehead against it. He listened as the dodge demon once again roared as it pulled away and soon is faded in the night along with Katerina.

 He sighed, knowing he probably scared the hell out of her but it was something he could not control, among other things. He didn't know what he had said in his sleep but it was enough to put fear on her face. He would have them from time to time. Nightmares of his old life and of the covenant. Sometimes he would scream himself awake and others he would end up waking to be on the floor but both times would have him drenched in sweat and his blood pumping so fast that his heart beat in the same rhythm.

 He walked away from the door and upstairs to his room and set heavily on the bed. The light from the half filled moon peeked through and rested on the sheets and now shined on him and he knew that his eyes reflected a pure blue at that moment and he slammed his lids shut, forcing back the eyes of a killer he had become and now showed proof in the color of his wolf before succumbing to sleep.


 The air was cold as it swept throughout the night, the trees dancing in its wake.

 Daniel stood over a man, eyes as yellow as the sun when looking down at the man on the ground triumphantly. Claws held out as the were stained blood and demanding more.

 Ignoring the whimpers and pleading as he stepped closer, bloodlust and the need to kill fueling his motive that had his heart pounding with anticipation at what would happen next....


 Daniel set up with a gasp, his body coated with glistening sweat, breathing hard, eyes wild as they looked around the room for the man in his dream but then realized that it wasn't real, at least not at the moment but a memory from his past and he brushed his hand down his face before tossing the cover from his body carelessly to the floor.

 He went to the bathroom and started taking his clothes off, well in need of a shower.

 He got the water hot and stepped in., it was like getting hit with raindrops on a clouded day but it felt good against his skin as it ran down his entire body, relaxing at the sensation it gave his sore muscles.

 He only got out when the water started turning cold and he grabbed a fresh pair of clothes before grabbing his things and heading to work.

The End

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