Chapter One- The Promise

"Lying in my bed, I hear the clock ticking, think of you. Caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new...." The song faded in the background.

 Daniel set at the bar.

 He found himself there most days, drinking and everyday was the same. The place had karaoke and people who didn't know how to sing but there was one that stole the stage and he found himself listening. Lost in that voice that held so much heat.

 Most that sung had no feeling. Their hearts did not reflect the song and they would stutter or fail to be in sync with it. Honestly he found it annoying but he couldn't do any better really.

 He rose his hand to the bartender. "Another shot." He all but demanded.

 The bartender gave him a look of uncertainty, it was his eighth one, but grabbed another shot glass and poured him another round.

 "Thanks." Daniel grabbed it and drunk it in one shift motion.

 His eyes peered at the beautiful singer on stage as she reached her heights and sung with the passion of a graceful artist.

 "If your lost, you can look and you will find me, time after time, if you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting.....time after time...." Her voice rose and her emotion began to flow into the words she spoke.

 "Time after time.....time after time....time after time..." Those words drifted off into silence as it entered the end and her head held low but he didn't have to see her face to know she was with harmony, hitting every note.

 The bartender proceeded with cleaning a glass and watched as the crowd cheered, clapped for her performance, and he smiled brightly. Nodding her head in a quiet thanks, she walked off stage.

 "Amazing isn't she?" The bartender asked, "She's the only one that sings that good."

 Daniels eyes never left her until she disappeared out of sight and he finally turned back to face him. "Yeah," Was his simple reply.

 He stared into his glass. A familiar feeling washing up within him as he remembered Denyse.

 It has been two years since he had left, telling no one. Not even her and he missed her something terrible. After all, she was important to him, the only person that stuck by him in hard times and stood up for him in others.

 He knew he could never go back. In their eyes, it was a betrayal and it would have consequences but when he thought about how they thought of him as a weapon, it only made his actions that much justified.

 He signaled for another shot and the bartender shook his head. "Sorry, son but I think you've had enough."

 Daniel's gaze sought his. His eyes were blazing but his stare fell short as he felt a little dizzy and brought his hand up to his head in a gesture that clearly said the bartender was right.

 He snickered before taking the glass away from him, "I think you should go home."

 Daniels eyes were closed but it wasn't because his vision was suddenly blurred. The mention of home brought up a sore subject that he didn't like thinking about so he replied, "What home," in a low voice, knowing he didn't hear him.

 He heard him whistle and in a few moments felt two strong arms grabbing his to help him stand.

 "I'll call you a cab." He assured.

 Daniel opened his eyes. Only he wasn't seeing anything. His mind was a blank and his thoughts a mess because honestly? He didn't belong here. He didn't belong anywhere.

 The men lead him to the door but they weren't rough. They have done it before considering this was his usual hang. It wasn't the first time he had gotten himself drunk enough he couldn't stand.

 They set him down on a bench outside before returning inside, leaving him alone.

 He ran a tired hand through his thick hair as he waited for the cab the bartender called. All the while thinking about Denyse, where she was and how she was doing. No doubt she missed him and wanted to kick his ass for leaving without so much as a simply goodbye but then he remember a scene. A promise between then that was broken the moment he left.

 Sighing, he allowed his eyes to close and his body to relax and found himself dosing off without realizing he was doing so.

 "Come on, keep up!" Denyse called.

 Daniel was never able to keep up with her. Her speed was incredible and she always rubbed it in his face about how pathetic it was to get beat by a girl. "Wait up!" He answered with a yell, receiving a 'not a chance' shot back at him.

 Growling lowly in his throat, he sped up and barely caught up with her as she suddenly came to a stop and turned to him with a smile plastered on her face. "Were here."

 By the time he reached her he was panting and doubled over, hands resting on his knees as he fought to regain air. "You could....have slowed....down." He got out between inhales.

 She laughed. "Isn't my fault you can't keep up."

 He glared at her with no real heat before his gaze traveled to the large lake behind her. "Woah..."

 She turned and walked to the edge of the water. Even at the bank it was deep and the color was a dirt brown. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" She asked, eyes full of wonder.

 Daniel stepped beside her, his hand reaching for the ice cold water and he shivered at its feel against his skin. "It's really cold."

 She rolled her eyes, "It is the middle of February."

 Their eyes met and he saw something shining in hers. Pain? Regret? He couldn't make it out before it was replaced with that usual blank stare. He tilted his head, "Denyse? You okay?"

 She swallowed thickly but it was something about the way her eyes averted over the water before resting on him. "I'm fine."

 He doubted that but he knew not to press the issue. When it came to her past, she was quick to get angry and retaliate. He held his hand under the water, allowing it to fill his hand and without warning, splashed it in her face.

 As soon as the water hit her skin she gasped and turned away. Daniel knew what was coming and stood up to run because a pissed Denyse usually means a punch in the face. Years of experience was learned the hard way but at the same time it was those moments that really mattered.

 She stood up with a scowl but it wasn't one of fury but she smiled at his retreating form. "You can't get away from me, Daniel!"

 He looked back just in time to see her advancing on him, quick. "Oh sh..."

 He ran as fast as his legs would carry him but it was no use and he felt a body hitting his with force and in moments he was sent face first into the ground.

 She pinned him beneath her and howled with victory. "Where you think your going?"

 He struggled under her weight. She wasn't at all big but she was pretty strong for a women. "Away from you." He breathed out with a grin.

 Her brow raised and in a blink of an eye, had him turned over on his back. "Your gonna pay for that."

 He didn't even want to know what she had in mind but as she made a noise in her throat, and by the way she held his arms at his side, he knew exactly what she was about to do and started to struggle once more, "Ah, come on! Not that! Please!" He begged.

 She forced as much spit in her dry mouth as she could muster but Daniel's movements got frantic and he finally through his body forward, causing her to lose balance and propel backward.

 He rolled away from her but neither got up but just laid on the ground and Denyse broke the silence with laughter.

 He forced himself up on elbows and starred at her. "What?"

 Eyes closed, she answered, "It's hard. Being what we are but we can still have fun."

 He stayed still a moment before falling back. He continued to look at the clear sky and let her words sink in. "Yeah..."

 "Hey, Daniel?"


 "Promise me, that no matter what, we stick together?" She asked, her voice barely controlled with unshed emotion.

 He hesitated before replying, "I promise."

The End

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