This is my second series I am working on. I actually just have the two, this one and The Argentine Chronicles.

The wind blew past him like a car speeding it's way through traffic as he walked at a normal pace. His thoughts were in over-drive, vivid images of before playing in his mind like a re-run.

 He had learned of his origin, where he truly came from and who he really was and it scared him. It was years ago and that's when he met them.

 He was a werewolf of the different kind, not the ones told from story books but frighteningly different. Except, he could not change, not willingly but only on full moons.

 He was what they called 'Faucheuse'. Reaper.

 Werewolves never bloodlust. In fact, they are so intact with their human side that they know what is meat and what is not, what is friend or foe and their control is incredible but for Daniel, that was the complete opposite.

 He had no control when he shifted. The need to rip someone's, something's, throat out was to strong and the bloodlust overpowered any self-control he had. He was a different person, the ultimate trophy to hunt.

 Luckily, he had a pack. One that willingly allowed him to be apart of and teach him how to control the beast he became but after tonight, he questioned their motives and that's how he came to be walking in the dead of the forest.

 He stopped, his head lifted up to the half moon that loomed over the night, giving light to the darkness of the clearing and, tilting his head, the words from the alpha resurfaced in his memory...

 -Two Hours Ago-

 "Don't worry, I can teach you control." The blonde assured, her eyes staring into Daniel's with both determination and support.

 His breathing was harsh as he focused on her soft voice and beautiful features. "I...cant." He gritted out.

 She took a step forward, "Yes, you can. Focus on me. Focus on the sound of my voice. Shift."

 He shook his head, the pain intensifying as he felt the bones shifting around, rearranging themselves in different places and he fell to the cold ground, teeth clamped shut.

 She fell to her knees beside him, placing her hands on his cheeks.

 "Denyse...." He whispered, voice raw from screaming.

 Her thumb went in circles on his skin, "I'm here. I'm here...."

 Closing his eyes, his back arched and he withered in agony as cries erupted from him and Denyse flinched but, the hand that had been supporting his face, went to gripping his shoulder in sympathy.

 It seemed like hours before Daniel's yells died and he was left laying on his back, breathing coming in harsh pants as he rubbing a hand through his hair in frustration.

 Denyse looked at him worryingly, "Are you alright?"

 His gaze went to hers and for a moment he was lost in her eyes, that, reflected sapphire. Intense and guarded yet held so much compassion that it was over-whelming. Looking away, he answered, "Yeah. I can't....change. Not willingly."

 She studied him for a moment before falling back on the ground beside him. "It's not your fault....ya know."

 He scoffed, "Yeah, right."

 Turning to face him, her voice held annoyance, "Don't. You didn't ask to be what you are. I'm sure if you could have, you would have changed it."

 Sighing, he gave her a lop-sided smile. "I would have...."

 "I know...." Her voice was quiet but she did understand.

 They had been friends for three years and she learned things that would send most people, even werewolves, packing and never looking back but that was not the case with her. Daniel meant everything to her and it was the fact she cared about him that gave her the decision to stay and help him, even though each time lead them to a dead end.

 "Denyse. I need to speak with you." A voice called from one of the nearby tents.

 She looked at him unsurely, causing him to roll his eyes at her hesitation, "It's okay. Go."

 She smiled at him before raising up and standing. "Don't go anywhere." She demanded playfully.

 "I wont." He replied, watching as she ran off to the tent.

 "Ain't like I got somewhere to go...." He added in a low voice.

 His arms were folded behind his head as he stared at the stars towering above him. The sky was completely clear.

 He frowned when he heard voices that sounded close, as if they were right there, entering his hearing and he focused on them.

 "Denyse, how is his training coming along."

 He recognized that voice as one of the elders, the alpha that of their pack.

 "Not great. He can't turn on his own." Came Denyse's reply.

 He opened his eyes and turned his head towards the lit tent. Curiosity burned at his subconscious and he stood up and quietly walked over to it.

 "We need results. It has been months and all we get out of it is a few bones moving around in his body."

 He didn't need to see Denyse to know she shifted position out of dis-comfort.

 "I am trying. Daniel, is trying. We just need time." She defended him.

 Daniel felt an unease itching within his body and he doubted he would like where the conversation was leading to.

 "We don't have time! Did you forget about the covenant? They are right on our tail. We need Daniel to be in control. He is one of the most powerful werewolves alive. His bloodline makes him a very incredible weapon." The alpha yelled.

 Daniel froze.

 "Weapon?! Daniel is just like the rest of us! He is equal to me, to Marcus, any of us! He is not some warhead!"

 He didn't know when he started backing up but his feet carried him back without his permission and without another thought ran off into the clearing, his heart beating wildly in his chest at the realization that he was being used all along.

The End

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