One moment he's there, the next, he is gone.

There's that moment in life when something is created. A proud moment of anyone's life that could make the cold hearted turn to burn a little warmer. It was the moment when a certain werewolf named Michael Bolton could take a look at his life and want to change for the better because as he stared at the newborn child that lay in his crib, big eyes peering up at his father with curiosity as his small arms moved in a up and down motion.

 Michael felt the corners of his mouth rise as he smiled fondly down at his bundle of joy and with unsteady hands, scooped the small child up and into the comfort of his arms.

 He has never once in his lifetime held a child and all the possibilities of dropping him or even managing to break him kept him cautious in every movement he made. Damien had his mothers sapphire orbs and gentle features. He resembled her in every way and it only made him grin wider at the thought but quickly faded when he pictured her image.

 Damien smiled, mouth open, and laughed but grew quiet when Michael's grin turned to a frown, almost like he knew what his father was thinking. The baby's eyes were large and wondrous.

 Michael slightly bounced his son and with gentle words, promised, "It'll be alright. Don't frown. I'm here. I'll always be here."

 He did not know whether the thought of the childs mother made his eyes start to glaze over or the fact that he was now a father. Either way, he would not let anything happen to this miracle that she gave him. It was a promise and one he intended on keeping as he raised one hand and pointed out a finger that Damien almost immediately wrapped his small hand around.

 Michael closed his eyes and, with a relaxed breath, opened them to reveal, instead of hazel orbs, a bright yellow. Instead of crying, like Michael had expected, Damien's eyes widened farther and his smile grew wider. His laughter once again filling the quiet room.

 "You like that?" Michael asked with amazement.

 The door opening ruined the warm moment and had him turning to see his little brother, Chase, entering the room quietly, having thought Damien was asleep but froze when he saw that Michael was holding the obviously awake child.

 "Sorry. I thought he was asleep, just wanted to check up on him." He apologized, walking over to his brothers side.

 "No. He's very much awake." He replied, never taking his gaze off the infant and added, "Do you want to hold him?"

 Chase looked hesitant. "Uh. I don't," He started to say.

 However, he didn't get to finish his reply before Michael held the baby out and towards Chase's arms. "Go ahead. I promise he don't bite."

 Chase rolled his eyes but accepted Damien and had him in his hold. "Yeah. Not yet." He commented with a smirk.

 Michael laughed and watched as Chase did a similar manner he had by bouncing him and saying soothing words to him. "Its okay. With my brother as your father you'll be one tough ass kid."

 Michael gave him a warning glare for the language, that Chase didn't miss and said instead, "Okay, in different words, you'll be just as strong and can take on the world."

 "Exactly." Michael bragged.

 As gently as he could, Chase laid Damien back in his crib, his eyes staying on him a minute longer before going to rest on his brother. "We need you downstairs. We found something i'm sure you'll wanna see."

 Michael nodded, brows raising slightly. "Really? Okay."

 Bending down, he placed a kiss to his sons forehead, eyes closed, before pulling back and turning his attention back to Chase. "Lets see what we have."

 Chase was the first to walk out the door and Michael stood there a minute longer. Glancing at the already sleeping form that lay there before shutting the door with a soft click, not wanting to disturb his peaceful sleep.

 They walked past several rooms and down the stairs where his team of three was waiting and looked up at him as he approached the table. "So, what have you found?"

 Sarah spoke first. "The witches we were tracking suddenly vanished, right? So did all the other signs. We checked out the old theatre where they were held up but it was completely empty but...." She trailed off.

 Michael tilted his head with slight confusion. "But?"

 Daniel replied with a sign, "But, there was something there. A summoning circle."

 Chase furrowed his brows, not hearing that part of the story. "Summoning circle? For what?"

 Sarah shook her head. "I don't know but clearly something was summoned we just don't know what."

 "Well we need to find out." Michael demanded firmly because if he learned anything it was that rituals usually ended badly.

 Something loud, almost like an explosion upstairs had the entire group go still but it was where the sound came from that had Michael's eyes wide with fear because that noise came from the direction of Damien's room and, in a rush of speed, headed back to the room. He threw open the door, not caring that the henges' broke with the force, and he froze at the sight before him.

 The entire wall, where Damien's crib had been seconds earlier and wasn't there now, was completely gone. Allowing the outside to be what greeted him instead and his body started to shake with fear. "Damien!" He screamed.

 He ran to the edge of the room and peered out, eyes searching the entire lot for his missing son, but found nothing. His legs suddenly gave out at that moment and he collided on his knees to the floor. A broken sob left him as he yelled, "Damien!"

 Chase and the others ran into the once whole room that was now just half and stood shocked but hearing Michael's distress call for his son made Chase move to him, putting a hand to his shoulder and squeezed. It was the only thing he could do but he searched what was now the rest of the room and his gaze fell on the blue blanket that lay abandoned on the floor. Standing, he walked over and picked it up.

 Big white letters looked up at him spelling out Damien's name and he gripped the soft material.they haven't been gone two minutes. Damien was right there and now he was nowhere in the room.

 He looked back to Michael, who's body shook with sobs and felt his own sadness grow. He looked over to Sarah as she spoke.

 "What could have done that to the wall?"

 Aaron shook his head in puzzlement. The force, power, it would take to make a huge opening like that had to be something un-natural. "I'm not sure but my guess would be witches. I mean they suddenly drop of the face of the planet and now this."

 Chase listened to the suggesting it be witches but they couldn't be sure and at that moment it didn't matter because Damien was gone.

The End

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