The Countdown (V)

This bit of precise information had absolutely no bearing on his life. For some strange reason (to him, not you, dear reader, your understanding has never been under any doubt) he felt sad. His triviality was now apparent to him. For 57 years, he would predictably, continue to be Robert Walser, The Ordinary. A good man, nonetheless, who’d care for his family and be a loving husband.

Suddenly, Robert was alarmed. 57 years was a long time! He was now somewhat embarrassed of the chain of inconsequential questions that arose in his mind before he actually asked the important one. His slight ignorance too, was becoming apparent to Robert, dear reader.

What if the ticker had read thirty hours? What would he do? And immediately Robert realised he’d tell his children he loved them, and hug them and his wife for a really long time. Then he’d throw a grand party for all his dear friends and relatives and say a final goodbye. And he’d make all the financial arrangements for his family. He never really hugged his kids, or his wife. And rarely threw a party.

How long would it be before his (loving) wife married another man?

What if the ticker had read eight weeks? Well, he’d do most of the ab
ove. Maybe indulge a little more. Take his family on a long holiday. He never took holidays.

One year? He’d travel alone, because the kids couldn’t miss school for so long, and his wife would have to stay home to look after them. He’d visit his friends overseas. He’d give up his business and write a little, about his dilemma. As a young man in his early twenties he always wanted to be a writer...

The End

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