The Countdown (IV)

Being incredibly hungry, he decided to walk to some café.

As he watched cars go past him, Robert found himself speculating, “Will I miraculously escape death if I were to jump before one of these?” But then he reasoned with himself, maybe, what it meant was, that for 57 long years he would not attempt something as idiotic. “What if I slipped? What about illnesses?” he asked himself. This time, he didn’t bother with any answers.

After finishing his breakfast in silence and without much thought, Robert decided he’d stay on a little longer. He ordered for coffee.

Why would this happen to me? Who would do such a thing? Robert tried to think. But then so absurd was his situation that nothing could even begin to unravel his confusion. This was, in his opinion (since the beginning), an aberration, not something meant to happen to him, Robert Walser. It was like he had won the Local Grand Jackpot, except it wasn’t really a jackpot, just the odds were similar, he quipped.

So, he turned his thoughts, to the somewhat easier question of how this was meant to change his life. Well, he knew now that he had 57 years to live. It was actually more than he had hoped for. And therefore, technically, this knowledge should have made him a little more, umm, confident and happy?

He finished his espresso in one quick gulp. And then it struck Robert...

The End

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