The Countdown (III)

He hadn’t yet thought of how he wanted to present this queer turn of events to his wife and children. So, before that he wanted to rid the room of every hint of blood. He entered his washroom and rinsed his vest in the basin. Then leaving it to fill with warm water he went back to fetch his bed sheet which he found surprisingly spotless. But to be sure, he crumpled it into the bucket for the maid to wash.

Then using a clean towel dampened with warm water, he swabbed away all the dried blood. Of course he took meticulous care to avoid every contact between the water and his bizarre new contraption. After all, dear reader, Robert Walser may not have been gifted in any way, but he was not stupid. He was only ordinary. For example, at that point, he wondered how he would ever take another thorough bath in his 57 years. And how his wife would react to this and the manner in which it would affect their lovemaking.

Maybe water wouldn’t do him any harm? But, he didn’t want to take a chance; in fact if you could ask him, dear reader, Robert would tell you that he never took a chance.

As he walked down from his room into the kitchen, where his wife was preparing breakfast for their two boys, Robert realised he wasn’t entirely ready to let them know of his newfound predicament. What would he say? If he told them immediately, they’d panic, and shed tears. Maybe in a day or two he could start by saying, “I have had this for days now, so it’s completely…”

He was a good man, Robert Walser, one who provided for his family and loved his wife. You could ask them, dear reader, or anyone who knew him.

“I am going out for a little while…” And taking his hat with him, Robert left his house and family.

The End

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