The Countdown (II)

Robert observed that the panel was sloping downwards, probably because it was punched there in great hurry or without much care, as if by a thoughtless machine. Also, in bright green, it read, 57 - 06 - 26 - 12 - 39 - 22. 21. 20. 19. 18…

Standing there, in only his underpants, before the giant mirror, Robert Walser was fraught by three questions. First, given the strange insertion and all the bleeding, why did he feel no pain? Second, he had always been vaguely aware of his exceptional ordinariness. In his 31 years Robert had never done, felt, experienced, thought, tried, been with, or eaten anything extraordinary, how then could this happen to him? And third, looking out of the window, he wondered how it could be snowing in the first week of April?

Of course, Robert Walser, said to himself, he had a little over 57 and a half years to answer these questions.

The End

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