The Countdown

What would you do if you woke up one morning knowing exactly how long you had to live? (57 Years)

As he woke up one morning, Robert Walser found much of his torso covered in dried blood. It was no dream, he said loudly to himself.

The clock by his bed read SUN | 9:23 AM. He was alone in his room, and until he made sense of what had happened to him, it was probably for the best. Getting out of his bed, Robert latched the door to his room securely.

Then he walked slowly to the giant mirror that stood in one corner of the master bedroom. He didn’t like the mirror very much because of its pointlessly large (not in his wife’s opinion) size. But today he wasn’t thinking of that.

Just above his heart, his vest was still soggy and deep red, but near the stomach and on his neck the blood was a faint yellow and completely dry. Pulling out his vest Robert found that across the left side of his chest there was now a horizontal display panel with two metal wires attached to its top and bottom left ends. They were pierced into, what Robert estimated, was his heart.

The End

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