The CoruptMature

The rain lashed against the car windows drowning out any noise from the two children in the back seats. The youngest Hannah was as usual making mischief. The elder one Leo was reading Shakespeare of all things. “Shit dad what’s going on”. That was the last time I saw my dad alive. Twenty years have passed since that night and it’s only now that I’m ready to tell anyone what really happened, you see the police ruled it out as an accident however I know different.


To the reader, I want to give you full warning that this story isn’t for the faint hearted”.


“You cannot run from weakness; you must fight it out or perish.

 And if that be so, why not now, and where you stand”, (Robert Lewis Stephenson).


“Dad Hannah’s drawing on the table again, Dad”.

“Hannah stop drawing on the table, and Leo what have I told you stop telling on your sister she’s only three and your”.


“Yes that’s right you’re nine. So stop telling on others, other wise you’ll start to be known as a rat”.

A knock on the door silenced the conversation.

 “Leo, take your sister up to your room. I’ll come and get you in a minute. Then we’re going to leave out of the back door. Ok”.

I could see one of the men that had turned up. He was short and fat with ginger hair in the style of a mullet. There were three more guys standing around him. One of the others  started to hit the front door shouting something, I think it could have been Japanese. Next thing I know my sisters crying her eyes out. I started to comfort her and told her everything would turn out ok in the end. As I was saying this my dad ushered us downstairs and out the back door. When both my sister and I were belted up our dad told us to get some sleep and forget what had just happened.

It must have been around seven o’ clock when I woke up it took me a few minutes to adjust to my surroundings and the ever advancing darkness.

I ended up asking my dad what all of the commotion was about earlier on but he said it was nothing to do with me. I tried to occupy myself but couldn’t get the image of the short fat guy out of my head. In the end I decided to empty my head of all of what had happened so got Hamlet out and started to read. Then, as I was getting to the main part in the play I felt a bump. Both my sister and I turned and looked out of the window although we couldn’t see very much because it was lashing down with rain and because it was getting dark. We saw the outline of a car Hannah noticed it first and pointed it out to me. As I turned to face the front and tell dad the other car rammed us again.

 “Shit dad what’s going on?”

Our car then hit the barrier of the bridge and fell in to the deep river below.         

The End

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