Jack opens his eyes. Where is he? Oh not again. Darkness? Nope. A light. Jack looks at himself. Boned hand, just his head is alright. His skin in pale blue and his white hairs turned Blue. What's happening to him? And What happened if The Tooth Fairy, find herself in the dead world, with Jack? And What happens if they don't Recognize each other?

" I've been around for a long time. My name is Jack Frost. I love being on my own. NO rules… No Punishments… It is good awesome . Well, Not really no rules… I am a corpse Dead. Dead has rules. Until you be set free, you will stay a corpse. Uh I missed Tooth and the Guardians…

My Family.. I need some one to care for me now.  "

-          Jack Frost.


Jack waited near the big oak tree, for his new wife, Morina, to come and they go to North pole, letting the others meet her. He waited and waited, until something touched her. The only thing he knew was that the hand was Morina's hands.


Jack woke up in a mysterious place. It was dark and cold, but not the lake. Jack looked at his hands and screamed. His hands were no longer covered with meat and skin. It was bones. Jack touched his face raying he touch his own skin, and guessed he still has his skin and sighed in relief. Even his bare foot were bones now. Jack looked under his hood, and under his white woolen jumper, and realized all of his body is bone, just a part of it, his head, was covered with skin. One worm came out of a whole. " Ya need 'elp? " And a spider near him. " I think he does… OH sweet bones, you ok? You died horrible! You saved your friend, an arrow shot you and covered you in black sand, then you were hit with a knife. It is on your chest, you see? " Jack touched his chest, seeing a deep cut on his hood and shirt, blood covering it. " An' 'n yar neck mate. " The worm continued. Jack touched his neck's skin. It was a really deep cut on it either. " Uhu.. Sorry, Mr. Worm and Mrs. Spider… " " Plum. Mrs. Plum. And he is Maggot. "

Jack nodded in agreement. "Uhu… I guess we can be good friends? " " OH yes sweet bones… We sure be. Plus, We live in your body. " "I live in your head. I am always a good protector mate. " And Plum chuckled a little. " Now, wanna see the others, mate? I thin.. " " We think they will like to see a new spirit, plus if it was dead once before. You can meet yourself. Go ahead. " Jack froze. Yourself? Himself? He was going to meet Jackson Overland ? " Jackson Overland? " " NO NO NO, I was joking dear.  " Jack breathed in relief. " Now go, go on. I am sure they really want to see a winter spirit. " Jack nodded in respond and stepped forward in his room, " But, where, is here Plum? Maggot? " Maggo answered : " Mate, 'ere is yar room. " " Yes sweetie, check your bed? Or your piano! We guessed you love piano, so we got you one! " Jack cheered up for the first time. And a real cheer in whole life. He had real friends now.

Who needed more?

Oh yes, yes,



134 years later

" And with this candle… Uh…this candle… " Tooth was saying for her marriage. Ah. Why couldn’t she just say? Bunny whispered to Sandy as he was watching his son, Victor. " I think Sandy, you better go turn the candle on for her. " Sandy made some stupid images and frowned. Since Jack died, they never had fun together. NO winter, no ice, no ski, the countries had deleted winter. Jamie had stopped believing. " Uh! " Tooth gasped as the candle found it way on Bunny's fur. Bunny stood up. " HELP! HELP! " Morina entered the room. A girl with a beautiful face, and a bad personality. She poured a cup of water on bunny. The fire turned off.  Everyone stared at Tooth. Man in Moon who was there for their marriage, came forward to Tooth. " If you don’t want to marry, just go and come when you wanted! " Tooth first stared at them, and then flew out of the room. She flew to forest, just wanting some train. She looked at her ring. " It shouldn’t be that hard, is it? With this candle… I will…. I will burn your father. Uh. " She sighed and started flying forward. " Aha! With this candle, I will light your way in darkness . Your cup will never be empty, cause I will be your wine. And with this ring, I ask you, to be, mine… " Tooth placed the ring on a pale piece of wood, wondering why it is pale.  Then some birds started to fly up and make noise. Tooth scared. The wood moved a little, but Tooth didn’t noticed. The hand grabbed Tooth. " Ahh! Z" Tooth struggled. The hand grabbed him and jumped away grabbing his wrist. Tooth screamed and threw it away. Then the voice gained her attention. The floor was cracking. Another boned hand came out of the floor, reaching and grabbing the ground and coming up.

Tooth gasped and screamed when she saw a body, with a black marriage coat and black trousers and bare foot, and long thin body came out of it, with blue hairs and Pale blue skin and blue round eyes. The body removed the branches from his head. " I'll accept. " And raised his hand for Tooth. " AHHH! " Tooth screamed and ran away from the corpse. The corpse started following Tooth. Tooth approached lots of trees, and her wings trapped in wood. She fell in water, swimming harshly for coming out. The hand started to follow it but corpse grabbed it and placed it back. Tooth screamed and ran to the bridge, finding herself safe and alone. She turned around with a sigh of relief and realized The corpse it exactly in front of her. " Now you should kiss the groom. "  Tooth closed her eyes and screamed as long as she could.

Point : Tooth is not the Tooth Fairy, she is wearing Wedding dress, hiding all feathers and wing. Jack has changed. Blue skin and Blue hairs, exactly like the Corpse Bride in movie, and His clothes are torn. Emily of Corpse Bride is Jack's sister who died on her wedding cause of her husband. The siblings shared the same dead.

The End

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