Chapter 26: Digging Up the DetailsMature


"Alright baby," Ashley began, "remember what we talked about. Just go slowly and I'll be here the whole time."

Razor stared awkwardly in her direction as she worked her gadgets on the control panel of the elevator. It was a few moments before Ku'Thro tapped him on the shoulder and requested he resume his tale.

"Oh, right," he mumbled, "there were three revolutions within a hundred years after Arkna's Great Divide. All were internal, and all failed before they could breach the Governor's District. The fourth did manage to reach it, but was put down, however two significant events happened during this particular revolution that paved the way forward. 

The first, was The Governor's Proposition. With the Governor's District nearly breached, the rebels had pushed much farther than the governor had anticipated. Seeing as these revolutions were only getting stronger, he decided to strike a deal with anyone who came to his side with information of rebels: that they would get be accepted into his district for a more adequate life. And of course, people took the bait and this is what led to the end of the fourth rebellion. 

The second, more significant thing, was that apparently during this revolution, some people managed get off of Di'Capor. Whether or not these people had snuck in or struck a deal, no one knows, however it's almost certain that it led to the fifth revolution which happened about a hundred and forty galactic years ago, an event a bit more known to the galaxy as Giova's Uprising."

Ashley paused for a moment, as if the words had sparked a memory.

"The name sounds oddly familiar," she inquired.

"That's probably because of the uproar about a decade ago when her blades went up for bidding at the Galactic Auction House. It was the first of anything that had a measurable quantity of zeal-6, bringing weapon collectors, scientists, engineers, and everyone else from across the galaxy to engage in what may have been the greatest bid war in history."

"Oh that's right! That was when Simon showed us that video of when-"

Ashley began a series of choked laughter as she tried to force the next parts of tale out.

"The old lady wh-who...beat Jez outside with a cane..." She trailed off into her laughter as Ku'Thro's eyes widened, stating that he recalled the memory. He then, much to the surprise of Razor, put on a vocal impersonation of a squeaky-voiced, old woman that was so convincing, that Razor momentarily imagined him morph into one.

"I aint come all-luh way from Jerguhson-Sainc to get told off by no kumorr n' a scrawny lil pecka' chiff."

Ashley, amid the breaks in her laughter did her own old woman voice a bit croakier in tone, even hunching her back and waving her finger to add on to the theatrics.

"That's right, Su! You tell dem lil ol'iggard woodland kreeks ta shimmy up on outta hea'. Ah might be ol'but ah'll smack dis hea' stick over dat shell-head!"

"And then Jez got knocked in the stomach and started hurling over the place."

Ashley had begun a hard roar at this point, nearly losing control of her device as she fell back onto her bottom and threw her back against the wall to try and disperse the building energy of laughter throughout her body as she stammered out the next part of the tale.

"A-and then-and then she took his...hold on...she took his cuh-communi...communicator-and sprayed him with his propellant!"

The breathless rage of tears and laughter came so hard that even Razor had to chuckle at her. Ku'Thro had his hands on his knees doing an impersonation of Jez screaming "My eyes!" as Razor casted a wondering gleam at him, quite surprised to find that he was the type to find anything funny, let alone funny enough to leave the expressionless tone he usually kept around on his face. Ku'Thro seemed to pick up on this as after a few moments had passed and he'd regained a semi-calm demeanor, he hunched his shoulders and stated that it was a very enjoyable memory.

"Ah...good ol' Jez," Ashley breathed. "Those were good times. You weren't so stiff back then," Ashley nodded toward Ku'Thro.

"Yeah, well back then we didn't have civilians slaughtering themselves under strange influences."

"Yeah...But at least we get a few of these moments every now and then."

Razor looked on between them with a small grin on his face at how quickly they'd changed from strong-hearted to dying of laughter and back to their calm states. He thought briefly about how many light-hearted moments he and Sarah had back then, and then it switched to how they didn't seem to come nearly as often these days.

Ashley turned back to focus on keeping everything progressing while massaging her now burning sides.

"So, tell us about this Giova chick. No doubt she was handing out bigger ass-whoopings than old ladies," she chuckled.

"And bloodier ones I would imagine," Razor added.

"Giova, Bloody Fist, Septer, better known to the system of Karra as The Double Daggered Queen, held, by far, the bloodiest of the revolutions. That includes this one. Though I should mention that she wasn't the leader of this rebellion, just the primary weapon in it."

"So who was?"

"Not anyone the populace cared about. She was the one they saw in battles, so she became the face of the revolution."

"So what's her story."

"Well, like most in the Karra System, she wasn't proficient in occultics, but she carried with her a set of twin blades that sapped away physical endurance and converted it into raw occultic power. Using this, she gained power even beyond the elites, but that power was ultimately her undoing. The blades made her bloodthirsty. They fed her the power which she began craving more and more of. For her, it wasn't about the revolution, it was about the killing, and those who guided her for the rebellion could only keep her contained for so long before she went on a rampage and slaughtered everyone. And, well as her story goes, she slaughtered all the way to Arkna where she was killed. It was the governor that auctioned the blades off, knowing their worth was immeasurable."

"Who ended up getting them?"

"No one knows. One day, the auctioneer showed up and said that they were no longer in possession of the blades and that a mysterious benefactor had made a healthy donation to a cause they supported in a deal for them."

"You think it's possible that Chaos has them?"

"If he does, then he's either one hell of a thief, or someone with a lot of money wanted him to have them."

"Hm. So after Giova's Uprising, are there any more important revolutions?"

"Not until this one."

"And what's the story of Chaos?"

"Who the hell knows. All that's known is that one moment, the governor was mighty and rich off of his trade profits, and on the next, the entire Karra System was suddenly at peace and the governor and military was nowhere around."

"So, an assassin that no one knows of, yet is worshipped by an entire system. Sounds like a either a second coming or a very coordinated group of people."

"Well hopefully we can find something here that will give us some answers. Or at least a trace," Ku'Thro remarked.

The elevator was nearing its destination and he'd unholstered his pistol from his belt and clicked the flashlight on.

"You really think whoever did this would leave evidence behind?" Ashley asked.

"Well, there was a building collapsing. Occultic user or not, falling twenty stories is probably more of a concern than covering your tracks, especially if you believe the person you're after is going to be dead anyway."

The elevator came to a halt, and a ding sounded before the doors slowly opened to reveal a dark, cracked hallway. Most of the walls had been partially destroyed along with parts of the ceiling that leaked a green fluid onto the rubble beneath. Ku'Thro stepped out first with Razor following in toe with a flashlight pointing out from the pocket on his coat.

"I'll stay here," Ashley asserted. "Gonna need to draw more power to get back down."

With a nod, Ku'Thro and Razor paced through the hallways, dodging holes in the floor that were creating themselves as they crossed them.

"Guy must have really been trying to make sure you didn't make it out," Ku'Thro stated.

"And what a fine job he did."

They walked a few more paces before Razor directed them left toward the room where his contact was staying. The door leading in was partially off of its hinges, and the interior of the room was all but exposed to the outside. Water dripped off of pipes to the left side of the room, hitting the wooden dresser Razor was standing at before he was attacked. The bed, except for its damp surface, was in the same state as before, fully made with soaked, light pink covers falling a few inches above the floor. Unlike the rest of the hotel, the wooden mess of a floor had remained, squealing at every boot step that planted on one of its planks. Razor went to the dresser while Ku'Thro examined the large hole in front where Razor had been tossed down.

"Quite a fall," he whistled.

"I had some counter-force along the way. Gravity acts funny with Earth Occultics."

"Hm. Find anything?"

"Nothing besides a soaked shirt and a...Busty Elzna Beauties magazine."

"Really? First or second edition?"

Razor silently glared toward him. When no answer came, Ku'Thro turned his head and with the most serious of expressions, repeated the latter of his questions.

"I...don't know," Razor muttered.

"For the love of-Let me see." Ku'Thro walked over and snatched the magazine.

"Seriously, you've never read one of these things before? There's like hundreds."

"You have?"

"Can't be a string bean all the time."

"I don't know what that means."

"I don't either. But judging from how my grandfather would use it, I assume it means don't always go with the normal. And for as restricted and mellow as the Kaldi are, it's a motto I don't mind following."

"Your grandfather tells you don't hop on the bandwagon and you decide the best way to that is to collect Elzna nudie mags?"

"Not just Elzna. And no. But sometimes, you get the feeling of impulse threatens to overcome you. I used to deny that feeling, but you'll learn that it's not always the best approach. Logic, while one hell of strategist, just doesn't have the raw power of emotion. And sometimes, that raw emotion will be what gets you the outcome you want."

"Huh. Imagine that."


"Me learning about emotions from a Kaldi."

The two shared a chuckle before Ku'Thro's head turned to the door they came in and aimed his blaster. Razor followed suit, drawing his revolving hand cannon to his side and switching the device in his pocket from flashlight mode to laser targeting.

"Come on out," Ku'Thro called. "No use hiding when we can sense you anyway."

The End

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