Chapter 21: A Connection RevealedMature


It was strange not being able to decipher what was going through his head. Since we'd first met, I could hop onto his train of thought almost before he did. But I guess you can't predict secrets. Not that it mattered to me anyway. We may have been close, but even I'd kept parts of my life hidden from him. And he probably knew that, but it didn't matter. Because it didn't hurt either of us. And so, on I followed as we scaled up a cliff overlooking the city and into another forest. Chaos was rushing as if he'd miss whatever energy momentarily made itself present. We were dashing for a few minutes before we came onto the sight of a bunker. It was a large, square stone structure that seemed oddly in place with the rest of the environment, despite the large metal door on the front. Chaos stopped instantly, scanning the area for what I assumed to be clues of where to go next. I looked around for a bit, but to no avail. Didn't even look like anyone had been here since this thing had been built.

I turned back to find that his eyes were fixed on a spot above the bunker, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what. All I saw were trees in the distance.

I know you're there Hiksil,” he blurted. I didn't want to believe he was losing it, but the more actions he took, the more confused I got. I turned back to the spot he was looking at, and for a moment saw nothing. Then, as if he just popped in, a ghastly figure stood atop the bunker. Orange and purple eyes glared down at me, and a dark energy made me slightly uneasy. It was like Chaos' energy, but untamed. No emotion, and no principal. Like blind hatred. Yet it wrapped my lungs in a pressure that made me gulp a few times due to unsteady breath. I felt like any moment, he could blink down in front of me and crush my organs at will. It caused an intense urge to grab my weapons and prepare to go berserk in the event it happened.

Angel,” Chaos muttered, knocking me out of my pessimism. Him saying my name was enough to get me to take a deep breath and focus.

A lot of negativity in this one,” the ghastly form began. “Maybe she'll do better on my side.”

I highly doubt your deranged lunatics would do anything except make her weak,” Chaos mocked in reply.

Hm. There's no need for lashing out. After all, I gave you a nice spectacle on Haalm.”

Speaking of which. Which one of your deviant followers lead that charge?”

Upset now, are we?”

A little pissed at the deception.”

There was no deception. I told you that there would be something that would catch your interest. I never said it wouldn't have any connection to me.”

Though the figure was faceless, you could practically sense the sly grin he held on his face. You could certainly hear it in his voice, and the thought of his smug looked pissed me off. Chaos was certainly pissed, as his hands were now clenched

What game are you playing here, Hiksil?”

Game? There's no game. I just think the galaxy is long overdue for an overhaul. It seems we've forgotten our basic instincts, and now we think we're capable of being anything better than the dark animals we were born to be. Certainly you can see that, considering the circumstances of your childhood.”

No, I don't. In fact, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.” That made two of us. The more I listened to him speak, the easier it became to focus less on the pressure of his aura and more on the fact that I just wanted to end him right here. I don't know what kind of history Chaos had with him, but I knew for a fact that he was thinking the same thing.

Think about it. Growing up in the slums of Arkna. The violence you endured on a day to day basis. The bloodshed, the weariness, the corruption. It doesn't matter what side you're on, someone's always looking for blood to be spilled. Whether its the populace against the governor, or the galaxy against you. Every one of us are linked by vengeance. Made brothers by the hate we weave for one another. Darkness is our mother. But we are afraid to accept her. Afraid that she will shun us away, and that our brothers will hang us. That is why we must be shown the way to justice.”

There was that word again. Justice. I'd heard it from my birth up through my teenage years. It brought back unsettling memories of my past.

Growing up in Arkna, I was the baby. With three older brothers, I struggled psychologically while they struggled physically. Watching them suffer trying provide everything I needed for basic survival. Day after day of them going off with their gangs, ripping through the streets for money, food, and water. Doing what was necessary to keep our existence afloat after our father passed. I remember always asking my mother if we would ever get out of that place. And I can only imagine the gut wrenching pain she must have felt every time she lied to her little girl. Telling her that one day 'justice would be served', and our struggles would come to an end, and I would be able to become a beautiful princess as I'd often imagined. But that dream came to an end on my 13th birthday, when instead of wishing for a prince charming, I was wishing for my mother's life as she lied on her death bed.

I'd lost my oldest brother, Tommy, three days before. He was shot to death on a subway train on a mission to negotiate peace. I found myself a teenager, with reality socking me in the face for the first time. My brothers couldn't protect me any longer. It was hard enough for them to protect themselves. Around this time, I'd also started to pick up on the stares being casted in my direction as I walked from the markets. It wasn't until I was being dragged behind an alley on my way home one day that I found out what they were after. I screamed until my voice creaked, scraping the pavement as they ripped my clothes and pulled my hair, trying to have their way with me. And for awhile, they did. And I screamed as the final images of my prince charming vanished. No one was coming to save me. That was the day something in me snapped. I wound a thread around their little johnnies and yanked them off, and then I took the dagger they'd held to my throat and plunged into their hearts. And then I sat there, clothes ripped apart, drowning in my tears. So much agony filling me at the same time.

It was well past my curfew when my brothers found me. And the look on their faces said almost as much as the silence and the avoidance of eye contact. They were broken. We were all broken. And apart of me was thankful that my mother didn't have to see her little princess in that position. There was no justice for the environment we were forced to endure. There was no compensation for the agony we were forced to suffer. The world views us as emotionless killers, but I am this way because this is how I had to survive. And I'd be damned if I was going to sit here and let this prick tell me that my emotions were on par with that of a wild beast. As if I'm just some animal. Fuck this guy.

I blasted toward him, cocking back my fist. I got in his face, and was ready to deliver the blow when Chaos stepped in front of me, facing my direction, and wrapped his arm around my stomach, preventing me from following through. His eyes met mine, and I could sense he was just as pissed as I was, yet he still gave me his stand down look. He turned his head to the figure, who hadn't moved an inch from his spot.

You're weak Hiksil,” Chaos stated.

Then why don't you let her kill me then,” he taunted in reply.

Too much energy wasted for a man who's already dead.”

Hiksil smirked.

You're blindly following a void,” Chaos continued. “Trying to exploit what doesn't exist. Quite frankly, your actions make no difference to me, because you'll fall into your own demise before someone gets the chance to release you from your despair. But mark my words. That boy will not ruin the world so you can drown in the sorrows of your lost daughter. I will kill him if he tries. The heart of this galaxy is mine. And it will feel the agony of everyone who lives in its hell.”

Then it seems our sides have been drawn,” Hiksil concluded. The figure turned and walked toward the opposite end of the bunker. The energy began dispersing as if sand was kicking up in a windstorm, until he'd vanished into thin air.

Who the fuck was that guy?” I asked brashly. His presence still hung in the air, and apart of me wanted to put a beat down on the particles left behind.

An old acquaintance. A disturbed one at that.” Chaos released me as Shift came in on the communicator, saying a Guild ship was spotted near by.

Rendezvous back at the ship,” Chaos commanded into the comm.

This place is getting on my nerves.”

We walked back to the ship in silence. The others were already aboard, and ready to take off. Just as we began taking off, a guild ship entered the atmosphere, and landed on one of the intact skyscrapers in the middle of city. As they exited the ship, they casted their glances in our direction, but gave no attempt to see who we were. Guess it was good luck for us. I set a course for base, and put the ship on autopilot before sitting next to Chaos on the couch. He stared blankly out the window, a clear sign that he was far gone from reality. I lied my head on his shoulder, and he turned, momentarily bringing him back to reality. I raised my head so that he could put his arm around me, and he drew me closer so that I could mount him. One hand around my torso, the other around my thighs. I hugged his neck and laid my head on his. We'd often cuddle into this position to make it easier for both of us to think calmly. We could feel when any thought got overwhelming, and a small touch went a long way to keeping our sanity. I drifted into my own world, feeling the pulsing of his energy radiate with my own, as our thoughts intertwined. Going off in there separate directions, yet always grounded with one another.

The End

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