Chapter 16: A Step Toward RevolutionMature


The people screamed for divine punishment.

Make them suffer!”, they called out.

Make them feel our pain!”

The Overseer stood atop the stage as the crowd shouted their demands. The votes had already been put in. Today was judgment day, and eternal suffering was the main course of the event. Sandra stood with Hiksil at the end of a path they couldn't have predicted. After this day, there would be nothing.

The Overseer raised his hands, and the crowd hushed as the verdict was spoken.

People of the galaxy, we stand here today to bring justice to those who have succumbed to their madness. Before you stand the two fiends who have brought misery and despair to families across the galaxy. Fiends, who are responsible for the deaths of over a hundred thousand fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, and lovers. Experimenting on their live bodies as they screamed in agony! Begging for death to take them! And now, their Judgment day is here, and it will be up to the people to decide which fate these two will endure!” The crowd restarted its uproar as the Overseer let the dramatic moments render before speaking again.

Shall these demons be put in chains along with the other petty thieves and burglars? Shall they be purged right here from existence? Or shall we make them feel our agony. Our despair. And let them watch as we take the life of the one closest to them and let them suffer eternally, unable to rid themselves from this world!”

The crowd spat in its rage. They pumped their fists into the air as they screamed at the top of their lungs.

Suffering!!” one man chanted. It caught on like a wave and swept across the crowd as they chanted

Suffering! Suffering! Suffering!”

The crowd made a path as a girl was dragged through against her will. They scratched and clawed and kicked and spat as she was brought up to the platform in the center.

Up and at em!” the guards commanded as they dragged Sandra and Hiksil to the ground beneath, and forced their eyes on the sight of their broken princess. Her pristine faces had turned bloody and bruised, and her laughs had turned to screams. The happiness had turned to tears, and they screamed at the horror of seeing their princess burned by black hearts.

They shouted continuously, begging and pleading. Sandra caught the eyes of the Rep looking on in nonchalance and pleaded for him to tell the truth, but he turned his head to the wrath that he created.

The crowd raged, demanding retribution. Damning their existence. And in front of their eyes, their little princess lost her life by the second. They made the cuts shallow, lengthening the pain for as long as possible. She screamed until the blood made her woozy and the fire took her breath, and it wasn't until she'd calmed and accepted the fate had they finally put the dagger to her heart. The crowd cheered. The couple sat broken, and a dark energy was unleashed within them. That moment felt like an eternity.

Revenge is pure. Darkness will prevail,” Sandra chanted as the tears fell endlessly down her face. “I want them to suffer Hiksil.” Her husband said nothing. There was nothing to be said. Both knew that the other had made the same choice deep within.

They were dragged off into their separate ships where they were to be carried to their eternal dungeons.


I hope you understand why it had to be done.”

Hiksil sat in silence as his commander casted his gloomy eyes over him.

The G.I.A.N.T. must always take priority, and had the people discovered the truth, we would have all faced judgment. We may have been forced to break up the company because of this incident, but at least we still have all the parts. For that, when G.I.A.N.T. is reborn, we will have your sacrifice to thank.”

The ship entered into deep space. Silence hung in the air as seven occultic operatives closely eyed Hiksil. He sat with his chin to his chest as the dark energy within him began seeping out of his pores. The ship passed through a nebulae cloud, and hit turbulence. The brief moment the soldiers took his eyes off of him was the moment Hiksil was looking for. He wrapped his chains around the first guard's neck and pulled until the bones in his neck snapped the chains in half. Using his power to amplify the chains, he slung them, wrapping them around the necks of three operatives and breaking them. He charged to the front of the ship, crushing the wind-pipe of one agent with his knee, and punching another through the chest with enough power to rip clean through his body. Another agent lunged at him from behind and met the bottom of his boot, getting his neck snapped back in the process. He ran into the cockpit and sent an energy spike through the head of the pilot and slowly choked the life out of his commander in the co-pilot's seat.

La vendetta è puro. Oscurità prevarrà.”

He pushed the pilot out of the seat, and set the ship's course for his wife.


Sandra's tears had run out, and the eyes of the galaxy matched those of her nightmares. What had she done so horrible that warranted this punishment? What world did they live in where such corruption could be allowed to walk freely? Clearly it was one where the populace was only as smart as the person swaying them. Their rage ready to consume someone, anyone. Justice wrongly served was still justice in their eyes. And so long as their Judgment Day existed, the galaxy would sleep soundly.

The Rep sat unchained next to her, preaching the former glory of the now disbanded G.I.A.N.T. and about the scrutiny he was under. He spoke of resurrection, saying that the phoenix always rises from the ashes. Little did he know, there would be no more ashes for it to rise from.

The alarms in the large ship started blaring. Military personnel dispersed through the ship, covering the entrances. Their guns fired at an incoming cruiser, but failed to hit it as the small ship dodged the slow gunfire. It crashed right through the hull, sucking the troops that had surrounded the area into space. Hiksil rose from the debris with his chains ready. He made his way toward the prisoner's bay, slaughtering the troops by the dozens. The prisoners panicked as the life support levels within the ship dropped, but Sandra held a silent smile as the eyes of The Rep laid on her.

No...,” he uttered in disbelief. He got up and attempted to open the door to leave the area, but was repulsed as Hiksil broke through.

Please, don't kill me,” the man pleaded as he crawled back. Hiksil casted his glance in his direction and said nothing. He turned and freed his wife from her chains.

Take him alive,” she said. Hiksil grabbed the Rep and knocked him out.

I've set the ship's course for the sun in this system. We have about a minute to get off.”

Lead the way.”

Hiksil carried the man to the emergency escape shuttles where they all piled in. He remembered the coordinates of a hidden base he'd been charged with investigating during all the chaos. With his wife now freed, he made his way toward their new hidden sanctuary.


I want them all to suffer Hiksil. I want those responsible to bite their own tongues. To be burned by their own creation.”

What exactly do you have in mind.”


Sandra took the catastrophic syringe as the man yelled for forgiveness. His pleads were only met with the empty look on her face.

I will give them pure hatred. The true virtue of a fiend. Revenge is pure. Darkness will prevail.

La vendetta è puro. Oscurità prevarrà.”

With the final year of my life, we will complete the In-Gene. I will pass it on to our child. We will let it foster. Let it grow. And we will show the world a new era. It will be my final gift to the galaxy. My final memory to you. And we will begin with him.”

The man begged furiously, but there was no more forgiveness in dark hearts.

Today we take the first step toward revolution.

The man silenced, eyes flashing as the needle entered his neck, and the hand came down on the syringe.

The End

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