Chapter 15: Judgment DayMature


Sandra stood in front of her old facility, white lab coat in her hand and her daughter's scarlet eyes burned to her mind. She walked into the facility and ignored the prying memories as she saw the various labs where they would experiment by the thousands each day. The rows of shelves contained various drugs used for their live patients, and the tables had five hidden slots where restraints could pop onto the unsuspecting patients.

She entered her old office where she met three pairs of eyes. Staff members who were to act as her assistants and over-watchers. The Rep stood with them, casting a slithering smile as she entered.

I'm glad you decided to join us Mrs. Sanders. Now we can begin the briefing. We have developed a prototype of the In-Gene, however the results are catastrophic at best. It still contains certain algorithms that are particular to the Numetar, and causes many undesired effects within other species. We need to create a pure gene that will only connect to the current memories of the host it is applied to, and can be passed down through sexual reproduction of any species. Mrs. Sanders, you are the project lead. You will oversee the administration of the gene into test subjects and will monitor the results in order to create the pure gene. I'm sure I don't need to tell you to make sure everything is documented accordingly. I will be transporting the subjects from our offices, so I will be actively checking your progress. Test subject number one is in the operating room and ready to begin their procedure. Mr. Jacobs here will read you the necessary information as soon as your changed and ready to proceed. Everything you need is already prepared.” Sandra nodded as she put her lab coat on over her clothes and washed her hands in the nearby sink. The muscular reptile, introduced as Mr. Jacobs awaited eagerly as she dried her hands. When she was finished, she gave a nod, signaling to lead the way. As they walked, Mr. Jacobs began listing the details of the volunteer, which she took in a half dozed manner. As the proximity to the operating room closed, her mind fazed further from reality.

Mrs. Sanders?” A tap on her shoulder brought her back as the bulky assistant stared in her direction.

Yes?” she chimed in.

I was asking if you needed a mask or not. I know some human doctors use special enhancers instead.”

Yes please.” Mr. Jacobs handed her a mask, which she slowly hung around her neck.

The operation room is through those doors,” he said pointing to the the end of the right hallway.

Sandra gulped as she made her way through the door. She met the eyes of an innocent boy and felt her heart beat frantically. He was no older than 19, and probably thought he was going to make a difference in the scientific world as he held a grin that spoke his enthusiasm.

Hi, I'm Jack,”.

Sandra,” she wearily replied.

Nice to meet you. So how exactly is this procedure going to go. I hear they just inject you with something and it's supposed to enhance performance.” Sandra's head pulsed and her stomach threatened to spew up its contents. Not only did she have to lie, she'd have to watch as this boy's face turned to horror as he was turned into a guinea pig.

Uh, miss Sandra?”

O-oh, I'm sorry,” she stammered as her mind worked to find a way to dispel the worried look across the boy's face.

My...child caught a fever last night and....well...a mother worries.”

Oh believe me I know what you mean, my mother used to smother me every time I got the slightest cold.”

Sandra put on her feigned smile as her heart beat sped to dangerous speeds. She took another hard swallow before continuing.

Yes the procedure will be quite simple. Just...lie down on the bed and it will be over soon.” The boy complied, and she examined the tools and medicine on the table in front of her, but could not find what she was looking for. Sandra walked over to her colleague, who simply awaited her next command.

There's no anesthetic,” she whispered.

There's no need for any. The results of the gene's injection will be nearly instant.”

I understand that, but the body needs time to adjust. If something doesn't go right or-”

Corp has already made their decision. They want results. Besides, he isn't going to survive anyway.”

What do you mean he isn't going to survive?”

Part of running a secret project means that the populace remains oblivious to our actions. That includes any surviving test patients.” Sandra stood silent as she recalled the purpose of the hidden slots on the table. After a long pause, she made her way to the operating table, and picked up the syringe that held the gene. Her hand quivered, and her breath was growing heavy. She took another look at the boy, who laid with a concerned look. She looked to her assistant, and gave the nod, and the hidden restraints made their way around the boys neck, arms, and feet. His curses caused Sandra to jump, nearly dropping the syringe.

W-what the fuck is this!? Hey! Let me out! LET ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING THING!!”

She saw the fear in his eye as she held the syringe over him. His pleads grew louder, echoing in her ears and causing her nerves to shake. Her breath seemed to hold itself in her chest. She squeezed her eyes as she injected the boy with the syringe and let the fluid flow into his veins. Within seconds, his eyes turned red and he twisted violently. The veins in his neck bursted from beneath his skin and vomit among other fluids flowed from his mouth. His screams turned to chokes as he grasped for air until his body spasmed and he laid lifeless. Sandra dropped to her knees and vomited until her sides burned. An enthusiastic Mr. Jacobs recorded the results of the patient while the other assistants entered and moved the body to quarantine where it would be burned and discarded. The Rep walked in after them and squatted next to Sandra.

Today we took the first step toward revolution Mrs. Sanders,” he said with a grin. Sandra continued to vomit as he patted her on the back.

Yes, yes, there you go. One day, you'll look back on this moment as you gaze upon your daughter, and you'll be glad that you did what you just did.”

That day didn't come fast enough

Days turned to weeks, and weeks into months. Months passed into years, and Sandra had all but broken. She spent the days watching the scornful eyes of the innocent and the nights dreaming of the wicked thoughts of their spirits. She lied in her husbands arms when no rest came for them, and they recounted their days and purpose for doing the things they'd done. Hiksil hadn't fared better than his wife. Through his days, he found that his friends he thought he had were pests in charge of keeping tabs on his allegiance. Ensuring that his next step was for the sake of the G.I.A.N.T., adding to his enemies in the process. They were both battered. Time passed, and the harder it became to see through their demonic reflections, the easier it was to keep their determination to ensure their daughter stayed far from their footsteps. After three years, Sandra finally found a breakthrough on the gene project, and at last she could finally begin seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. But just as she had finally saw an end, another cloud appeared to block her vision.

Toxic gas from the nearby plant leaked on a quiet afternoon, and it wasn't until it had already spread into the facility and killed two staff members that the inhabitants were alerted. Sandra managed to barely escape immediate death, however upon analysis, it was determined that the gas had increased the deterioration of her organs, and that her life would be cut tremendously short. To worsen the matter, media attention around the plant swarmed, until eventually the abandoned facility was discovered to be in use. As a response, an investigation was launched from the Galactic Investigators Association. With the facility now being monitored, the corp was forced to hold off on the project, and the life of her daughter seemed to running on a thin thread. But the worse was still yet to come.

It was a quiet night when the tear gas made its way through the window. It filled up the room as Sandra was thrown to the floor by the armored men, guns pointed to her head. Her daughter's cries went ignored as they picked her mother up, and forced her onto their ship where her tears escaped her inside the darkness until they had reached the interrogation room. The eyes of a large detective showed a passionate anger resonating within, and she sat shaking in silence as flashes of the horrors she'd done took her conscious.

I don't suppose I need to ask if you know why your here, do I?” Her head spun, and nausea once again threatened her weak stomach. She was too battered to speak.

Silence of a cold-blooded killer huh?”

I'm not a killer,” she sputtered.

Oh right. Your a revolutionist aren't you. You did it for the advancement of technology.”

No, I-”

Spare me your goddamn lies. We already have all of the evidence pointing to you as the mastermind behind the experiments.”

Mastermind?,” she whimpered. “No, I didn't want to be apart of this.”


Yes really!”

That why you approved it?” The detective threw the papers in front of her, which she read with a look of dismay. The first was the proposal to begin the experiments for the In-Gene, with her signature forged in place of the actual composer. The rest were official statements from various other higher-ups, declaring that she used her influence in the council and her husband's influence in the military to force the approval of the project. Influence that neither of them had. This had to be a nightmare. No, she'd already been through hell. This had to be something worse.

These aren't my signatures. I don't have any influence!” she desperately argued. But the detective had already made up his mind. The anger in his eye blocked him from seeing the truth in hers.

Oh no, of course you don't,” he sarcastically remarked, “your just a regular old member, in it for the opportunity to see a few advances. Who do you think you're fooling. I know that the members of your council aren't the only ones with power. I know all about you undercover representatives.”

You have to believe me! I'm not one of them. I didn't want any of this!!”

No you just wanted a revolution, right? You just didn't give a damn how you got it. Killing all those men, women, and children for your madness. Well now you've been exposed. And you will suffer the judgment of the people now.” Sandra tried to protest, but the men ignored her pleads as they put her in chains and dragged her to the dirty cell block. They tossed her in the light deprived cage, and closed the door until Judgment Day.

The End

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