Chapter 1: The Ascension of ChaosMature


A new dawn was settling on the horizon. The day had been fated to give birth to a new time in the galaxy. The people went about their lives, relishing in the golden rays gleaming their way into the great city, basking in the light that made its way into their hearts and gave them clarity. But the eyes of one had turned to light for the last time as his heart turned to darkness. And a new era began.

The beauty of the sky was suffocated by the black smoke as it rose from the flames devouring the city. The screams of men, women, and children echoed off the falling skyscrapers as their skins melted and their lively bodies turned into ash filled corpses. A demon had erupted, unleashing its bloodwave to sweep across the streets. I stood in the center of the carnage, listening to them as they begged for their lives and pleaded for their loved ones. Bodies fell by the thousands and I could feel their fear-filled auras rippling through my skin, begging for someone to save them. I saw the horror upon their faces as they questioned the very meaning of their existence. To die in such an unfulfilled manner. To have everything that was them, and everything that ever would have been themwiped from existence. To never see the light of this world again. I felt my stomach churn at the displeasure displayed before me. My hands quivered, my teeth grinded, my heart beat grew quicker, but my mind was strong where my body wasn't. I soaked up the images before me, burning them to my conscious. This feeling would be etched into my soul. The disgusting feeling of watching someone else claim the fear that belonged to me.

I met the weary eyes of the boy. Not an ounce of anger. Not a tear of sadness. They were completely void of all emotion. Only the ambition to kill. But the power consumed him. No art. No technique. Only rage. Only destruction. My heart convulsed at the beast who attempted to claim my desire. Absorbing all in his madness as his victims became shells of the beings they were. He sent his wails soaring across the sky, and the city stood in terror. But a beast is a beast. It cannot truly hold fear, for fear is absolute. It is the result of a broken will and a crushed ideal. To crush a man's spirit requires patience. A brute can only frighten, something men get over with bravery from their women and hope of a new light. But I will show them true darkness. I will show them true fear. I will hold everything they hold dear in the palm of my hand, and when despair breaks them, I will crush it. Only when they have felt my pain. Only when they know what it is like to be on the verge of losing everything, will I become slightly satisfied. There is no hope. In their wake they will see my dream, and in their dreams they will see my nightmare.

In this society, there are two main categories of people. Those who pull strings, and those who have their strings pulled. The problem with that is that these wretched beings believe that order is power. That their rules keep them protected. That by hiding behind the numbers of their military and the influence of their petty leaders will make them stronger. They believe that they struggled. That their lives were tough because their fathers scolded them, or their mothers told them they couldn't date. In my world, it was survival. Power was taken with one fist, and held with the other. It belonged to the one who was alive. They have no power. The only reason they are alive, is because they are allowed to live.

I have no memory of a father, and my mother-

I'll never forget what they did to her. I grew up in the slums of Arkna, the only city on Planet Di'Capor. Not much of a place for scenery. It was an ocean planet, known for its dark atmosphere. Rarely did light show through the constant thunderstorms but the rare water minerals was where the city made its living. Or at least where The Governor's District made its living, and I didn't see much of that. Everything else was run down and destroyed. Abandoned buildings, dark streets, and dirty alleys. We had to scavenge for our survival. The Market Districts were the only other parts of the city worth mentioning. Small stands would set up shop to sell whatever produce they could mop up from the season's crop. Crowds of people would gather to scrape the bottom of their pockets just to buy enough food to feed themselves. Crime was as just as common as drawing breath. If you wanted to survive here, you'd have to spill blood before you learned to walk. Gangs fought for influence, and anyone was eligible for an early death, whether it was for supplies or just to prove how insane you were. My father died before I was born, and my mother not long after.

Despite my dim circumstances, I honed my skills. Darkness became my consolidation. In the shadows, I made my living, and destroyed others. Killing is an art. The weapon you carry, the equipment you use, the armor you wear, the route you take, the method you use, clean vs messy. It's not just mass killing. It's planned, coordinated, quick, efficient, and most importantly chaotic. I don't do this for money or the title. This is what the world turned me into. And now I'll show them a true monster.

The End

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