Stanford: Pick yourself up, man!

As I was walking down the cobblestone street. The sun shone and the birds sang. And I was a man lying face-down in the mud. I tap him lightly with my shoe.

"Who are you, sir?"

I decide to find out as I pull the man off his stomach so that I can see his face. And it was good old Watson.

"Watson, pick yourself up, man! Never before have I seen you grovelling in the mud and dirt!"

Watson stared at me blankly.

"Hmm, I suppose if I were Sherlock I would deduce something from this. I deduce, that because you were on the ground that you fell. Probably tripped on a cobblestone."

I bent down and hoisted Watson up, placing him on the bench.

"You see rather placid today, are you ok?"

As Watson didn't respond I walked away, assuming he was just fine.

The End

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