Lestrade gets an Assistant

Genealogy and birth certificate records were spread out all over my desk when Mr Sherlock Holmes opened my door. Watson followed him in.

“Well, what have you discovered?”

“I was in the middle of discovering that Miss Jenkins is in fact related to you.”

“No. I am afraid that cannot be the case.” Sherlock looked insistent.

“I am afraid it is so. I am surprised at you not knowing this. Miss Jenkins is the great-granddaughter of your father's father.”

“My grandfather only had one child, that is, my father.”

“That is what you were lead to believe. But the records show that your grandfather originaly married a Miss Rivers. However the first Mrs Holmes died in childbirth only 9 months later, and her daughter who survived was brought up by the younger Miss Rivers. She went on to be Miss Jenkins grandmother.”

Holmes was looking at me in surprise. “Well, that sheds a very interesting light on the matter.” He sat in thought for a while.

“However I came here to ask you some for some help on this case. I unfortunately need to do some private investigation immediately, but I also need to know more about the latest murderer. I was going to suggest that you and Watson should go and see what clues you can find around where the last murder took place. Watson can take notes for me for when I come back.”

“I see.” Holmes obviously did not want to take Watson with him on his 'private investigation.' Watson had told me how Holmes occasionally disguised himself amazingly well and acted out another person in order to gain information. I suspected that this would be the case. However he was right, there was something very mysterious about this most recent murder.

“We do not even know the name of the most recent victim.” I commented. “Well Watson, your help would be invaluable. Thank you Holmes for lending me your assistant.” Holmes bowed, and left Watson and I regarding each other across my desk.

The End

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