Holmes: Two Scenarios

Watson’s blow was not very hard, so the psychological imprint must not have been severe. Besides, I was not close enough to him to suffer real damage.

 But, because I was caught unaware, I did fall back into the wall. Most people might react with anger, but an intellectual person does not react with anger … unless anger is the correct response, of course.

 I took a step forward toward my friend, gauging his demeanor. Psychologically, I believed his ordeal was over.

 If Corpse really wanted to mess him up, his reaction would have been more than just an upper cut. Watson’s reaction was simply “fight or flight.”

 I decided to ignore the entire ordeal, banking on the fact that he would interpret it as a dream. The mind is a powerful thing, but it can also heal from trauma extremely well.

 “I’m still waiting for Lestrade, but while I have been waiting, I have figured out a few things.”

 As if the incident with Corpse had never happened, Watson asked, “What new tidbits do you have?”

 “Well, I’ve been trying to find a reason why Corpse would have a fascination with me. I have come up with two possible scenarios.

 “Both scenarios involve a trauma in his life. I don’t believe that a sane person would act the way he is acting without some traumatic event to initially start it.

 “The first scenario, then, is he has picked me simply because of my position. Maybe he read of one our cases in the paper.

 “The second scenario is a little more sinister. He has picked me because I am related to his traumatic event. Though, at the moment, if that is true, I don’t know how.”

 Watson nodded, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “Both of those are quite plausible. What will you do from here?”

 “I need more access to Scotland Yard. Lestrade has taken way too long to call on me. We should pay him a visit.”

The End

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