Lestrade: A Lead


“It was all far too puzzling.” I murmured to myself as I climbed out of a cab in front of 221B Baker Street. This case had to be the most puzzling case I had ever been on.

Sherlock had the door open when I arrived. “Come in Lestrade.” he said. “I've been expecting you.”

“So you know about Miss Jenkins?”

“Yes. Murdered in broad daylight on Cooper Street. A most despicable and arrogant crime. The murderer thinks he can get away with anything. Pompous fool.”

“So you know who did it.” This was getting better and better.

“Yes, I've seen him.”

“You saw him!” I jumped out of my chair. “Who is it?”

“I do not know.”

“But you saw him.”

“Clear as daylight... However he was wearing a mask.”

Sometimes I think Sherlock just likes to toy with my emotions. It is most annoying.

“Alrighty. So if you know so much, what was the motive?”

“I am not completely sure.”

“But you have some theories.”

“Yes, several.”

Just as I thought. Sherlock always has several. I really wonder sometimes if he just says that to hide the fact that he doesn't know a thing. But then he always does seem to be able to explain the crimes so wonderfully.

“Well, can you give me a lead that might help me solve the case?”

“Perhaps you might want to look into Miss Jenkins history. It might just help you find the motive.”

“Thank you Mr Holmes, will do, will do.”

I bowed and headed back out to the waiting cab. Of course I should have thought of Miss Jenkins' past history, of course.

The End

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