Corpse: What a Fool

I sat outside Holmes window, listening. The fool thought he had me all figured out.

"Just wait till my next surprise." I thought, chuckling.

I brought up a little bottle of beer, and unraveled a very long piece of string. I walked around the house, dropping the very thin piece of string on the ground, once the string began to tighten. Then I took another piece of string, this one shorter, but much thicker. I put this string into a bottle and set the top of the string on fire. The fire was very slow coming down. Then I set the other string on fire, which was going down very fast towards the bottle of beer.

I spun on my heel and walked, completely unnoticed. It was funny how in London, no one ever looked to see what you were doing.

I walked a couple paces away into an alley. I climbed a ladder that I had previously put there, then I laid down on the edge of the building, and watched.

Sherlock and Watson had come out of the house. Watson spotted the very long string, just before it went off. Watson stepped on the flame and put it out.

I could see Watson's relief, but not Sherlock's. Sherlock looked around and walked around to the other side of the building, when he saw the bottle, and the string just about to hit the beer, he took off running, in my direction.

Of course, he had no idea of my whereabouts, and even if he did, it wouldn't matter. I was wearing a fine black mask.

The bottle of beer exploded and blew off part of the wall, but hardly any of it.

Just as I planned.

I watched Sherlock, looking around. I guess he figured that this kind of operation needed to be spectated. He was right of course.

Sherlock spotted me up on a building. I stood up slowly and then took off running.

Sherlock followed me, the fool.

It was all part of the plan though.

When he climbed to the top of the building, he immediately began to look me over, trying to see if he could pick up my identity.

I laughed under my breathe, then took off in his direction.

Sherlock spun out of the way. I jumped off the building, and onto the next one, and began to run faster.

Sherlock jumped after me. We ran like this for about five minutes, our adrenaline pumping. Then, instead of jumping onto the next building, I jumped off the building and landed in a dumpster, yes the same dumpster as before. I kicked away the metal bar, and the dumpster closed. Leaving Sherlock bewildered when he came and looked down at the alley.

All part of the plan.

Sherlock jumped down and landed on the dumpster.

I could hear his footsteps.

He jumped down off the dumpster and looked around. I slowly and quietly peeked my head out of the dumpster, then I took a note out of my pocket, and put it in his. He was completely unaware of this. I went back into the dumpster and curled up in a ball, not wanting to be heard.

Sherlock walked down the alley, still cautiously looking for me.

You must be wondering what the note said. Well, it read,

Dear my good friend Sherlock,

I can see you are having some trouble catching me. Do not stress. You will never find me.



This was the first time I had actually titled myself, but that didn't worry me.

I knew this note would only push Sherlock harder to find me, but that was all part of the plan as well...



The End

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