Holmes: Masterplan

Watson was way too busy to work on the case at hand. He had a dinner date with Mary. A distraction as far as I am concerned. We will have to have a little talk about his priorities. But, in the meantime, I had some thinking to do, so I pushed Watson out of my mind.

It frustrated me that I saw nothing at the crime scene of any value. That was quite uncommon, so perhaps my powers of perception needed to be focused all the more tightly.

One thing I know for certain: Inspector Lestrade was of little help. His observations were ... well ... obvious. Stating the obvious doesn't usually help solve a case. Finding the subtle details is the key.

I let the scene replay in my head. I ran it back several times, concentrating on several aspects each time. By the time half an hour went by, I had thoroughly thought everything through. 

I was sitting in my favorite chair. Next to the chair was an end table with a lamp on top. I glanced over at the end table and saw a note that had not been there before I went to Cooper street.

I read the note, which read:

Hello Sherlock.

The End.

Are you smart enough to find me?

"Yes, I am," I said aloud. 

I asked Mrs. Hudson if I had a visitor while I was out. Since I didn't, I would have to wait for Watson. When he finally came back a couple of hours later, I quickly told him what I had figured out.

"The murderer has been in this house. He killed Ms. Jenkins for no real purpose, and his true target is myself."

"How do you know all of these things?"

"Well, elementary, my dear Watson. First, this note was left next to my chair." I handed him the note. He read it and looked up without a word. I continued: "For two reasons I know that Ms. Jenkins meant nothing to him. One, this was not a crime of passion or a robbery gone bad. In such cases, there would not have been a note, taunting me. Two, Ms. Jenkins died quickly. She did not scream. Which means that he killed her quickly in broad day light. If he would have known her, it is highly probable he would have not killed her during the day out in the open. And, crimes of passion take time. The victim screams. But, she was stabbed in the exact places that would kill her the quickest, draining her blood extremely fast. This was necessary for the murder to happen on a busy street during the day. He had to kill and leave." 

I paused. "No, this crime is only the start of a masterplan."

"Holmes, you amaze me."

The End

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