Corpse: Not the Time

I watched Watson walk down the road.

I hummed to myself as I walked out of the alley, cautiously slipping behind him.

I got close to him, so close that I could hear him breathe. Slowly I took out a knife and readied to plunge it into his neck, when I heard him call, "Mary!"

My knife was gone in a flash. I let it roll down my sleeve.

I turned left into an alley, "Now isn't the time." I thought to myself, watching Watson embrace a beautiful young woman.

A very beautiful young woman indeed. "Mary?" the name swirled in my head, "Interesting..."

I spun around and ran down to the back of the alley, I opened up the dumpster. I took a long slim metal bar out of my coat, and set it on the dumpster to hold it open.

I walked back out of the alley, and pretended I was on my way somewhere.

It was all part of the plan...

The End

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