Watsons unmissable plans

As we arrived back at Baker Street, we talked intensely about the case. Or more, Holmes talked and I listened.

We had not discovered much visiting Cooper Street. Whoever had commited the murder had been extremely careful not to leave much evidence at the scene. But we had discovered one thing. Whoever this was, they were confident. Commiting such a crime in such a busy place showed that whoever we were dealing with, they were sure that they would not get caught. Even Sherlock Holmes, with his incredible mind, could find nothing much at the scene.

"I must go meet Mary. She has made plans for us to have lunch" I told Holmes, knowing perfectly well that he would not be happy. I stood on the doorstep waiting for his argument. Telling him before we entered always made it easier for me to leave, that way he could not try to convince or trick me into abandoning Mary for yet another case.

"Watson, we are in the middle of a very important case" Holmes stated.

"I have cancelled enough dinner plans already" I stated back, intent on leaving, and prepared to argue more, but Holmes soon turned around and headed inside

As I set off on my way to meet Mary, I heard Holmes shouting me from his study.

"I can't here you, the noise from the crowds are drowning you out' I shouted back.

But this time I was not going to turn back. Mary was already unhappy with me when it came to me missing our lunches because of a case, and I would not let this become another one of them times.

The End

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