The Cooper Street Murder

A collaborative Sherlock Holmes story about the murder of Elizabeth Jenkins.

I was engrossed in the beautiful melody. I was playing the violin, and Dr. Watson was writing in his journal over at my desk. It was a lovely evening, and I wanted to do nothing more than what I was doing at that moment. But, that would not be the case.

A woman was shown into my office by Mrs. Hudson, our landlady. The woman's makeup had smeared down her face. Obviously, she had been crying.

"What can I do for you? Miss?" I asked her, putting my violin in its case.

"Miss Elizabeth Jenkins," the woman stated as she sat down in a chair opposite my desk. Watson had closed up his journal and opened another one to take notes for the case. Miss Jenkins continued, "I am being followed. I think someone wants to kill me."

"Why do you say that?" Watson asked.

"Because there are shadows lurking around me every time I leave my home."

"And, your home would be on Cooper street." I stated in a matter of fact way.

"Yes, how did you know?" she asked.

"Because there are bits of pollen from a plant that is not native to London. Cooper street is the only location in at least ten miles that the plant in question  is cultivated."

"How do you know that she doesn't live more than ten miles away?" Watson asked, trying to catch me in a mistake.

"It is obvious that Miss Jenkins ran all the way here. Her heart rate is elevated, and she is sweating. This would not be the case if she caught a cab in another part of the city."

"Very good, Mr. Holmes," Miss Jenkins said. "I know I came to the right person, then."

Miss Jenkins proceeded to tell us much. Her story was detailed, and just from her descriptions alone, I was beginning to form a picture in my mind. But, that was the last time I saw Miss Jenkins alive. Her body was found the next day in an alleyway near Cooper street. Inspector Lestrade came to my office the day of the murder and filled us in with the details he knew at the time.

The End

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