The Cookie Jar 5

Humans are so dumb. Honestly, they think that they are a superior race. Where I come from, they're pretty low on the food chain. Case in point: They can't tell the difference between a far greater being and  his craft, and a cookie jar. They keep producing smaller versions of themselves, and these miniature beings keep pulling  me off of my vehicle. Now there is no way around it, that is just rude!

Not only that, but these stupid humans use my ship for storage. They put all manner of things in the belly of it. They put varying degrees of edibles in there, and I have no room to move around.  I have no choice but to eat the edibles. I love it when the little brats get the blame for the missing goodies.

The female of the species are unbelievably strange.  They keep rubbing my ship and making wishes. It would make the average alien blush to think of some of those wishes. Sometimes they put metal discs, or cut pieces of paper in my ship. I have yet to figure out what the they use that stuff for.

As soon as I figure out how to get out of this domicile, I'll move on to a more favourable venue. For now though, I think I'll just enjoy the cookies.

The End

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