The Cookie Jar 4

She looked at herself in the mirror.  She didn't understand, her sisters had red hair and green eyes just like their mom, her brother had blue eyes and red hair.. What had happened to her?

She opened her eyes wide and stared at the pupils.. mousy brown, her hair hung like a a limp rag.  There was nothing, absolutely nothing beautiful about her, there wasn't even anything cute about her.  If she was going to be so plain, why couldn't she have at least had the flaming red hair like her mom???

Her mom had laughed when she'd asked if she had been adopted.. Her mother kissed her forehead and told her, no of course not, she looked like her fathers eldest sister.

It made her want to cry, instead she opted for a giant chocolate chip cookie, one good thing, she didn't have to watch what she ate, she was rail thin.  She searched in the cabinet for the cookie jar, it wasn't there.  She turned around looking at the tops of the cabinets..where had her mother put it.

There was a freezer in the garage and as stupid as she knew it was, she decided to search in there... sure enough, there it was.  Someone had set it atop her fathers work shelf. 

She laughed, why would someone do that?  Stretching  up, standing on her toes, she reached the blue and white ceramic jar.  Her mouth was already watering.  She pulled up one of the shop chairs set the jar on the cabinet and pulled on the top.  It didn't want to open, she pulled a little harder, it wouldn't give.. finally she found her dads crow bar..

She dug along the seam between the jar and the top, finally dislodging it.. It flew across the room.  She heard a hissing sound and looked at the jar intently.  There was smoke coming from the jar.

She turned to run and someone grabbed her.. "Come back child, wouldn't you like your three wishes?"

The End

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