The Cookie Jar 3

Colleen hated spring cleaning, particularly when it wasn't even her own home. Her aunt was a sweetheart though, so she didn't really mind all that much. It was too bad that  Great Aunt Melany had fallen and broken her hip trying to move that big sideboard. It was still pulled out a ways from the living room wall.

The house was a bungalow with a finished basement, so it wasn't all that big a job. She wouldn't even have bothered except that her aunt was going to put the place up for sale,  and move somewhere warm. At the age of 75, Great Aunt Melany deserved a place in the sun for her golden years.

She saved that sideboard for the last. She was only 23 years old and athletic, but it was still going to be a job putting it back. What in the world possessed her aunt to even mess with it? Why hadn't she called Collen to help?  Aunt Melany had been getting the place ready for showing last week. Colleen had helped, but when it came to the big old oak sideboard, Aunt Melany had insisted on cleaning it herself.

Colleen put her back against the sideboard, bent her knees and pushed.  It didn't budge. She bent her knees more and pushed harder. It moved maybe an inch inward, but the other side moved that much outward. Something was behind it, and was stopping any movement backward.

She got down on her hands and knees and peeked behind  the massive piece of furniture. There was something back there. There was just enough room to squeeze  through, so she crawled as far as she could get, and was able to grasp the thing that was blocking the sideboard. She pulled it out and took a look at it.  It was ceramic, and obviously very old but oddly, it wasn't dirty. It was clean and shiny as though it had been polished often.

It was a beautiful blue and white potbellied ceramic cookie jar with a very nicely hand painted lid. The figure on the lid was the upper torso and head of a handsome man with shining green eyes and thick red hair. The face looked real, She touched the hair and pulled her hand back, shocked. It was soft! The hair on a ceramic cookie jar should not be soft!

She tried to resist but couldn't. She ran her fingers through the hair, gently rubbed his naked chest and upper abs.  She flushed madly, and withdrew her hand reluctantly, really really embarrassed for feeling up a ceramic cookie jar. "Don't stop now, it was just getting good!" cried the cookie jar man. Jumping back in alarm, she kicked the jar across the room. She watched in horror, believing that he / it was going to shatter against the far wall.

Instead, it bounced off, and slid back across the floor, did a dizzying spin, and turned into the handsomest, well built naked man she had ever seen. "Where's Melany? " he asked. "I was going to make her young today, and we were going to go someplace warm to live."

"You..You're a genie?" she asked incredulously. "No, I'm a Johnathon", he said. She rubbed her hands together gleefully. "Whatever your name is, do I get three wishes."  Grinning, he sat in front of her . "No, you don't. You get as many wishes as you want."

Alrighty then," she said breathlessly, "come here," as she pulled her t-shirt off.

The End

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