the Conversations We Have While Waiting to Die.

A series of regular conversations in irregular circumstances. "Conversations" is meant to be a fun exercise in the obscure, placing the monotony of regular banter in the context of significant moments . I want the flow to follow that of your own lives, it should be linear yet random. Have fun if you dare.

All about Adam and Eve

It’s a shame; if you had been there you could have witnessed firsthand the brilliance of the moment, the start of the universe, a fire racing into existence, a young world untouched and unspoiled.

In the very beginning we were born into everything because we were nothing, a faint heart thumping within a black chest of universe, before our existence all was muted and the birth began. Now watch here as a small spark of light appears on the crisp uncharted horizon, such a beautiful pain is this creation. Burning away the nothing as light spreads across the empty plain, it was never to be seen but slowly, gasping for breath, it grows with no one to witness it now but you.

You’ll see if you look closely, right there at the heart, we were the nothing because we had everything; we needed for nothing because we fulfilled the everything. We began unto this world perfectly complete.

Oh now don’t miss it, you’ll see that orb of light as it pauses, ebbs then mutes and then as if under water it begins to falter rippling out, it becomes so bright no eyes can watch as it explodes. You weren’t there but now can you see it, the face, flying through the darkness it is the first face, the face of time itself. You could have watched it from birth had you been there, though too quickly it would have aged and then death and flying into dust across the blackness. But it was Eden we found as we fell from time into the garden and Adam then Eve. You could have watched as they sat across from each other staring into each other’s eyes, both reaching for each other but neither could touch, not yet, not right now, not even a tiny fresh hair would they know.

Now imagine for a moment as you look into her freshly untied eyes, that you were Eve. How must you feel pulled from, looking, finding your Adam for the first time? Is that fear? Or hunger? A primal hunger for his hands to touch, his lips to taste, his ears to be the first to hear a delicate unsure voice. But would he be, is he the one? How would you know?  For his eyes to look into, to see the universe you were once a part of alone together. Before the knowledge would you be more or less aware? How do we know what that must feel like to come into existence in a moment and never know we were once complete? To Adam would you be beautiful? His eyes alone to see you, and would he know who you were? Could you be so alone? Hungry for knowledge yet unwilling to reach out and grab from the tree your own existence that which will bring both together, require both to shame.

But you are not the Eve you may only gaze.  And if you did you might see the Adam so brooding with masculinity as he leaned in, his lips parting and hers in agreement, both will bite into that juicy forbidden fruit, exploding as with the bang itself, the lovers will embrace for the first time. Then again it moves too quickly top see for certain.  Eve’s hair grows unreasonably long covering her body then the shame. Adam's nudity obscured by branches and rocks, he grows older and the two grow apart. Children burst from behind trees and age as they run from frame to frame laughing and crying at once. But then in stillness we are back to the moment they first touch.

From Eve’s very lips you would hear her too question: “Without knowledge or past did you taste my breath? Did you long for me the same I have long waited for you? Was my soul able to be filled by your own, to be one once more? Was the moment wrong, or are we now alive?”  Adam holding out a hand to his newfound honor, his other, his own body inverted perfectly to fit his own. “I too have waited my beloved Eve, and plucked you from within me as you too plucked from the tree that which filled us both with knowing. From within me you held a place beneath my heart I have only moved you closer my precious love and once more we shall be reunited.”

The two will lie as husband and wife would do, they will bring forth that which again will bring forth. But today after the long journey together they close their eyes as one; Eve will rest her head against the missing piece she once was, Adam will stroke the long locks which will cover her shame and together they will lay alone as one once more.

They kissed long that first kiss, before they began to lie.

The End

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