The Contract To Live

Closed, sorry. The story of a girl called Arietta whose family and her have been infected by the Black Death. She meets a man who offers her acontract; he can make her family live healthily IF she learns magic and travels with him. What will she do?


I was walking along the road carrying the bags of groceries I'd just bought, when it happened. The first infection of Black Death. I was happily glacing around, nodding at passer-by's and saying "hello" to people I knew. There was plenty of people around, in fact it was almost overcrowded! There was a man walking towards me in a suit with a business bag. I was about to nod to him when he went stark-white. He froze and dropped his bag suddenly, then clutched his throat and started coughing and gasping. I froze. Someone handed him a cup of water, but he ignored it, and fell on his knees with his eyes opening wider, the whites of his eyes going redder by the second.

I, along with many others, stopped walking and stared. Lots of people asked if he was okay, or if he needed a drink or some food, but he ignored everyone, as though he didn't even hear them. Little did we know that the infection was a chance of life or death.

My legs came back to life as I gasped, and carried on walking, unsure and confused about what had just happened. My walk sped up and soon I was almost running home.

The End

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