the Heavenly Vision (Refrain)

Turn your eyes to the arches,
the golden M up in the sky,
and the foods of earth will go strangely dim
in the light of a one dollar pie.

Turn your eyes to the arches,
and guide your heart to its one prize,
though you're torn when you see on the menu board
an assortment of flavours of pies.

Turn your eyes to the arches,
"Would you like to large-size your fries?"
and your eyes light up as the cashier says,
"A buck fifty-three for two pies."

Give your life to the arches,
just bite in to seal your demise.
Even though you opted for Diet Coke,
you caved and bought two dozen pies.

for full appreciation of this particular parody, see the hymn "The Heavenly Vision," written by Helen Lemmel in 1922

The End

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