Disastrous, Oh That Massive BP Oil Spill

Disastrous BP Oil Spill
Bigger than all before
How shall my tongue describe this?
It's awful to the core
Taking away our marine-life
All this oil gushing free
But I am afraid the oil - will - reach - me!

Disastrous, oh that massive BP oil spill
(Echo: Disastrous BP oil spill!)
Out into the mighty rolling sea
(Echo: the rolling sea!)
Higher than a mountain
Flows this dirty fountain
What do you think you're doing darn BP?*
(Echo: Darn you BP!)
Broader then the scope of past transgressions
Greater far than all my sin and shame
Oh please massive BP Oil Spill
Don't - touch - me!

* Since this is a hymnal after all, the official word is "darn" but feel free to make substitutions in more progressive settings.

**For maximum enjoyment of this particular tune consider listening to "Wonderful, The Matchless Grace of Jesus" also sometimes titled "Wonderful Grace of Jesus."


The End

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