The Consumer Chorus and Other 21st Century Hymns

Songs written about 21st century issues (often using old hymns and songs for satirical inspiration)

Oh for a thousand tongues to sing
And angels prostrate fall
Wrapped in the ecstasy they've found
In the glory of the mall!

My gracious bargain shopping guide
Assist me to proclaim
The sales on toy and clothes and all
The discounts I can claim.

"Wholesale", the word that charms our fears
That bids us to buy bulk
‘Tis music in the shoppers' ears
Though it makes retailers sulk.

With each new purchase that we make
New life we dead receive
So go out and don't give (just take)
"Shop and drop" it is our creed.

*for full appreciation of this particular parody, listen to 16th century hymn "Oh for a Thousand Tongues to Sing" by Charles Wesley

The End

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