The Constant Struggle

There’s a fog lingering in my head.

It roams around my thoughts like a thick sheet of cotton; surrounding me with a warm, comfortable yet false sense of security.

Everywhere I go, it follows; the market, work, the car, even at home.

It doesn’t matter if I’m alone or in a crowd, it follows and envelops me in its hazy embrace, constantly whispering and distracting me from what’s important.

There is no escaping it. No matter how hard I fight, it remains.

It suffocates every thought, every hope, every dream and fades the light around me to a dull gray.

The more I struggle to break free, the thicker it gets. I can’t see. I can’t think.

So much is happening. So many things. Too many things. My mind chases after every single one.

I fail to notice what goes on beyond the mist, what my heart holds dear; a look, a kiss, a tear… even a cry for help.

It’s all there beyond the fog, invisible to me. I want to see. I want to help. I want to know. It’s all right there within my reach. I know it is. It has to be. How can I reach it?

I stumble forward, trying to break through the fog but all they see is an awkward fool.

The village idiot.

Why can’t they understand?

Or most importantly… accept me for who I am?

The End

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