The Constant Creation

Let me introduce you to a new world.

Everything here is a constant creation. What most do not realize is that if you are there, then you too shall be a constant creation.

It has been named many things over time, simply because it can never be defined or explained. It is the Ever-Change, the Silver Dream, the Circus Story, the Unknown Rainbow, the Natural Chaos, and the Infinite Adventure. Only a few have ever returned, and that was by accident. They are, to say the least, not the same people who first left.

Too many people have traveled to this world only to join it. They wish to experience something new, they wish to escape the boring safety of the modern world, they wish to let go and have some fun, they wish to ease their curiosities of the unknown. Instead, they are forced to abandon themselves to join the unknown, the curiosity, the escape, and the experience. They cannot learn anything from this world without being changed by the new knowledge. And they cannot resist being changed by that which meets their senses and their intellect.

However, beneath the imagination, beneath the adventure, there is a purpose, a soul, and a meaning.

It is your quest to find this underworld of truth at the infinite core of this world. Some say the world is like an unleashed soul. To understand what makes it move is not to find an explanation, but to realize a feeling of truth.

You have been living your entire life for this moment. And now I am asking you to embark on this ridiculous quest. Do you accept?

You sit and think for exactly ten minutes, and then nod your head. "Yes," you say. "I have no attachment to my personality; it can change as this world wills; I will always remain me."

Good. I wish you well and do not expect to ever hear from you again.

You frown. "Really?"

Yes. I am not sending you on this quest so that you may bring back a report. I am sending you on this quest because I wish for a member of the human race to master that which has been beyond our race since the beginning of time. Go well.

You raise a single eyebrow. "Well," you say. "Thank you for picking me."

Neither of you is certain of the sarcasm.

The End

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