Childhood Dreams

Just a reminder to always stay true and live without interference.

The boy worried, and worried, and worried, of what others thought of him. Was he too skinny, too fat, too much, too little, too whatever? He paid mind to these unanswerable questions as he struggled in school to make friends and be happy. The worst thing happened when he became paranoid about what his own family thought of him, what their intentions were, malicious or beneficent. He became more and more withdrawn in himself, too afraid to be afraid, too trapped in his own soul.

Then, one day, imaginary friends appeared before him, hailing him as prince, with much to do and much to accomplish. Despite moments of other people bullying him, ignoring him, rejecting him, hating him, the friends reassured the boy that the others were afraid of him, his potential, his dreams and the realization of his pure imagination. But the boy already knew this, and his hurted heart was still filled with love and compassion. Then, the imaginary friends happily dissipated in the atmosphere of his mind, and real friends appeared one by one. The boy cried in ecstasy, and his friends smiled at him, with him, and they told the boy that they loved him. The worries vanished out of sight, and the boy knew now that time was on his side.

The End

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