Captivator Quotes

Who remembers Michael's quotes that time he attended dinner at Mesmerising Mansion? You do? Well, it's all well and good you remembering the ones I put in the chapter but I had a feeling you might like to see the others I came up with.

In case you forgot, I put the ones from the chapter here too.


‘You only know what the Hypnos People want you to know. You only see what they want you to see. You only feel what they want you to feel and your dreams are only untouched when your subconscious doesn't hold their secrets.'

'Humans are there for a Captivator's enjoyment. We may pet them, abuse them and exploit them as we please. If they are dissatisfying, they will suffer the consequences, will suffer our wrath.'

Proprii are symbols of great power. To conquer the heart as well as the will is to conquer the soul. The soul of humanity belongs to the Hypnos People.'

‘They shall bow down before us and we shall reign supreme. We shall be respected and obeyed, or they shall be punished.'

The End

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