Chapter 33

Making Harriet my proprius

7. The Conquest

 "You are seriously mad," I told her.

She grinned. "Yup, that's me."


i) Statements for repetition (The change is effected by Total Captivation.)

I gazed intently into her eyes.

"Perhaps you are a little," I said, seriously.

Harriet shrugged. "I want to be yours."

"You have to accept some pretty big things," I told her.

"I can do it," she said, nodding.

"Okay, well then, I'm just going to say some things and you're going to repeat them for me. It might make this thing more effective if you almost ... ignore what I'm saying."

"Okay," she murmured, looking a little confused. She grinned. "But my, will it be difficult to ignore you."

"Hush now. Serious time."

Harriet's expression instantly became serious. She waited for me to speak.

Without putting any hypnotic power into my eyes or tone, I said "I'm blindingly bright."

"You're blindingly bright," Harriet repeated easily.

"So perfect that you feel unworthy."

"So perfect that ... I feel ... unworthy." She was a little hesitant. I reckon she knew how much power I had over her.

"I'm as captivating as starlight."

She relaxed again. "You're as captivating as starlight."

"As hypnotic as a swinging pendulum."

Harriet looked immediately transfixed. "As hypnotic as a swinging pendulum."

"As powerful as a dictator."

Harriet's voice became slightly subdued. "As powerful as a dictator."

"I shall dictate your will."

"You shall dictate my will." Harriet's breath caught for a second. When she released it, she was breathing slightly heavily. "Sir, may I ... sit on the floor?"

"Naturally," I said. "Where better for a subject to sit than at their master's feet?" I hoped she wouldn't remember that for all her time as a proprius. It was really scary to say these things but I knew that even the gentlest master had to be firm and show some authority.

Harriet moved off the bed and sat on the floor. She continued to gaze at me. I looked down, holding her gaze but never making myself hypnotic. She was bending to my will of her own accord, of her own captivation, ... of her love.

I started to remember some ideas I had used when I had given her the ring she now wore on her finger.

"You want me to be possessive," I said.

"I want you to be possessive." No hesitation.

"You want me to claim ownership of you."

"I want you to claim ownership of me."

I smiled. "I own you."

"You own me."

"I have every right to be more expectant of your love. To define higher standards."

She repeated.

"You will never feel or convey anything less than the most love you can hold in your heart."

Once again, she repeated. I hated the way she was like my puppet but this was almost over. I couldn't believe it - soon, Harriet would truly be my proprius. The thought made me excited... Wow, I had really wanted this a lot.

"You can stop repeating things for a while," I told her. "I'm just going to talk to you. But everything I say will be true and you will take it on board like advice."

She nodded, silent.

"Do you remember that time on the bridge at the lock?" I asked.

Harriet nodded again.

"Well, I was talking about loving and looking after your soul. And you got a little worried. But now, you will not be frightened. I will cherish your soul as my own. I will treat it like the most precious thing on Earth. And it shall be wholly mine, for as long as we are together."

"May we never be apart," she murmured.

She had now averted her eyes. This was good. A sign of submission.

"Let me take control," I whispered. "Let me guide your every action, be your counsellor, lead you in the great dance of life. Who's in control?"

"You, sir."

"I'm locking you in my heart, Harriet. You won't escape unless I allow you to. Where are you, Harriet?"

"In your heart, sir."

"And what are your feelings for me?"

"Love, sir. The deepest love I can feel and convey."

"And what would you do to know that love was requited?"

"Oh, anything, sir."

"What is independence if you have no love, Harriet?"

"Nothing," she gasped, looking shocked.

"So you would be dependent on me?"

"Willingly, sir. I already am!"

"What about free will? Is there any point in that if I don't love you?"

"No. Nothing has a point without you. And I guarantee you, sir, my will is yours."

"Then servitude would not be difficult?"

"Servitude would be easy," she replied, and I saw the conviction in her eyes.

"Then, will you, Harriet Thyme, exchange servitude for love?"


"Say it, my darling, ‘I am your servant'."

"I am your servant."

And then she bowed her head and repeated the statement once more.

When she looked up, I knew she was mine.

Observed Effect

There was such submissiveness in her eyes. And overwhelming love. And it was as if she were trying to communicate a message to me. Something along the lines of ‘You're my master now. Be careful because I am yours to control, treasure, punish - there is not one thing I would not do for you.'



It seemed simple. Too simple. After everything that had led up to that moment, the ending was a little anticlimactic.

Harriet was gazing at the floor, once again. I hadn't told her to, she had just decided that that was where she was meant to be looking.

"Baby, look up," I said tenderly.

She looked up. "Yes, master?"

"Stand up, darling."

She rose to her feet. She looked slightly uncomfortable at being higher than me but then I stood up too and she visibly relaxed. I took her hands in mine and said "I love you."

"I love you too, master," she said quietly, intensely.

"You don't have to call me master," I told her gently.

"I don't?" she asked, looking startled. "But that's what you are to me. You're my master and I'm your servant."

"Yes, but we're girlfriend and boyfriend too. It's too formal when you call me master."

"You own me," she said softly but then added "I won't call you master if you don't want me to."

I leant in and kissed her. "Good girl."

She smiled.

"So what d'you want to do today?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Be with you. I have no will of my own and I would be happy as long as whatever we did, we did it together. You choose."

I kissed her hair, causing her smile to widen.

"I think we should watch a film. Let's go downstairs."

"Okay," she said compliantly.

We walked out of the room, arm in arm. Harriet walked as close to me as was physically possible so that our sides were brushing.

This was perfect. I never wanted this to end. Who could criticise a relationship involving a proprius when there was so much love in it? I forgot about Henry's threat - I became dreamy, idealistic. Harriet was my proprius and I was never letting go of her. I loved her.

The End

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