Chapter 28

Making Harriet my proprius

4. Powerful verbal suggestion


i) Suggestive poem

I pulled a slightly crumpled sheet of paper out of my pocket and smoothed it out on Harriet's bed.

I looked intently at her and asked "Are you ready?"

She looked totally serious as she nodded.

In a tone that would mesmerise Shaun and Simon, let alone Harriet, I read out the only piece of creative writing I had written without being asked to by someone else. That made it special for me to be reading it to Harriet, even if it was going to influence her will.

"You might have wings but you can't fly free,

For the power of flight is held by me.

You might have fins but you can't swim away,

For mine are the seas that are bright as day.

You may run fast but you cannot flee,

For mine are speed and velocity.


The night has stars which you cannot see

Unless you have light and that comes from me.

The air carries sounds which you cannot hear

Unless I am there beside you, dear.

Feelings such as joy and pain

Alone won't be the same again.

Touch and taste, scent as well

Need me to cast their wondrous spell.


Warmth and cold, you'll feel them not:

Unless I'm there, you'll be like a tot.

So if you want awareness, call.

I'll be there quick and you'll feel it all."

I finished and looked up.

Observed Effect

Harriet was staring at me with a troubled expression. Her breathing was slightly quicker as if I had given her a shock.

"You've really overpowered me now," she whispered. She looked afraid of me.

I reached out and stroked her cheek. She trembled slightly. I frowned.

She ignored my expression and asked "Will I really be blind and deaf and unable to smell, taste or feel anything without you?" Distress was creeping into her voice.

"No, no, of course not, darling," I said, rubbing her shoulder comfortingly.

"Then what?" she whispered. "What did it mean when I felt like darkness would swallow me up if you ever left? I'm scared, Arthur."

"You're just in a heightened state of suggestibility, darling," I reassured her. "All that's going to happen when I'm not around is that you'll fail to appreciate the beauty of your senses."

"Then I never want you to leave me," she said with certainty. "Ever."

"Okay, darling," I said, smiling. "Now why don't you just close your eyes and relax, my darling?"

ii) Suggestive Statements

"Okay," she murmured contentedly. Everything was fine so long as I was there.

She closed her eyes and her breathing began to slow and deepen.

"You're mine," I murmured, closing my own eyes.

"'m yours," she mumbled sleepily.

"You belong to me."

"Belong to you."

"You'd be lost without me."

"Lost without you."

"Need me," I said, both imitating her tone and using the imperative (in my hypnotic voice of course).

"I'll need you," she said, hypnotised now.

"Love me."

"I'll love you."

"Give me your will," I coaxed softly.

"You have it," she murmured.

"I'll treasure it," I promised. "I'll treasure you. Now sleep, my cherished one. Dream of me."

"I'll dream of you," Harriet mumbled contentedly before falling asleep.

Observed Effect

Compliancy, relaxed state. Calmness and contentment. She slept peacefully, murmuring my name from time to time.



I called Andrew and surprised him by saying "We're going to do something romantic for Harriet."

"What?" he asked, startled.

"We're going to surprise her. In a romantic way."

"How?" he asked warily.

I laughed. "You sound like I'm going to ask you to dress up like Cupid or something. All I want to do is take her round ours and lay her on my bed so she wakes up in my room."

"Why's she asleep?" Andrew asked, confused.

"Oh, I was making some suggestions and I just ended them with ‘Sleep'."

"As you do," Andrew joked.

I laughed again. "So, um, will you come pick us up? I might need you to help me carry her too. I barely managed a few months ago when I took her to the park."

"You carried your girlfriend to a park? Mate, you're ridiculous. Sure I'll help. So, I'll hypnotise her parents when I get there and then we'll carry her to my car?"

"Yeah - good idea with the hypnotising the parents."

"Thanks. What do I tell them?"

"She's sleeping over at a friend's house."

"Um, Arthur...," Andrew said slowly.

"No!" I said quickly. "No, no. That's not what I had in mind at all."

Andrew sighed in relief. "Good, mate. Anyway, isn't a sleepover a bit difficult to fabricate?"

"Hmm... You could convince them they don't need to ring her friend's parents at all?"

"Yeah, I guess so. What will Harriet say to them when she gets back?"

"Well, if I really need to, I could give her a few lines but, you know, I'm sure she can make something up."

"Yeah, you're probably right, mate. I'll see you soon, then."



Our plan was successful: Andrew had no problem hypnotising Harriet's parents and together we managed to carry Harriet down the stairs and into his car, luckily without waking her up."

Andrew drove back home and then we carried her up to my room. We gently laid her on my bed.

"Now what?" Andrew asked. "We might as well set up a bed. Where's she going to sleep?"

"I'll remake my bed and she can sleep there. I'll sleep on top of the duvet." I smiled as a memory returned to me, through the fog which some like to hide behind. "We did that once at her house."

Andrew nodded. "Well, I hope it's as ‘romantic'" - he did the inverted commas thing with his fingers - "as you want it to be."

"Thanks, Andrew. Bye."


He left the room, shaking his head slightly like he thought I was crazy. I ignored him and sat on my chair, gazing at Harriet.

I gently clicked my fingers in case she was more in a trance than asleep.

She shifted slightly, rolling away from the noise.

I shook her shoulder gently. She instantly woke up.

The End

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