Chapter 27

Harriet was despairing when I had to leave.

"Can't you stay?" she asked, distressed.

"Darling, it's a quarter to eight. You'll have to go to bed soon and you've hardly had any time to do your homework."

"I got lots done before you came."

"Still, it's getting late. We both have lessons tomorrow.

"I don't want them." She looked as if she were on the brink of tears.

I hugged her. "Look, it's Friday tomorrow. After school, we can spend as much time together as we want. I can hypnotise your mother to let me stay till ten. We could even spend those hours at my house."

Harriet looked mildly comforted as I let go of her but she was still depressed.

"I don't want to see Henry. He ruins everything."

"How?" I asked, laughing.

"We have these special moments together and then I just get captivated by him. It's like you and I don't matter at all."

"Of course we matter, Harriet. Forget about Henry. When you're mine, you won't think about him at all."

At this, she instantly brightened up. "I won't?"

I smiled. "You won't."

She threw her arms around me and clung onto me tightly.

"I love you," she whispered, overwhelmed by emotion.

"I love you too," I murmured.

She looked depressed as I walked out her front door and climbed into Andrew's car. Before she disappeared inside her house, I could see her sighing dejectedly.

"Did you two have a nice time?" Andrew asked, as he drove away.

"Fantastic, thanks."



It was even harder to get to sleep that night. I kept tossing and turning, thinking about Arthur leaning in to kiss me only to abruptly pull away, and not answering when I begged him to tell me he loved me.  

When I woke up at dawn (again), I buried my head in my pillow and willed the frightening images away.

I suddenly remembered something that might help me. From the jewellery box on my bedside table, I brought out the sky-blue ring Arthur had given me in September.

No longer afraid of its binding effects, I slipped it on and closed my eyes. I instantly felt so warm, so safe, so loved that when I eventually got ready for school, I slipped it into one of the pockets that were such a useful part of the uniform and fingered it every so often to make myself feel content.

I was in a very bright mood when I left the house.


Harriet was acting strange, today. Strangely ... normal. She seemed less captivated by me.

I wonder what's happened...



Once I got home, I skipped to my room and changed into some casual wear. I put Arthur's ring on and lay on my bed, wrapped in a cocoon of bliss.



My, wasn't Harriet's smile radiant when I went to her house today? She beamed as I came inside and gave me a hug so warm that I wondered if she'd been sitting against a radiator all day - except that she radiated the heat of love rather than physical heat.

I found out why when we went to her room.

"I'm wearing the ring you gave me," she said happily, showing me her hand. I looked at it and swiftly kissed her finger.

I looked up at her face as she giggled and grinned.

"That's marvellous," I told her sincerely. "And it's amazing coincidence because I was going to combine jewellery and suggestion to help make you my proprius today."

Harriet's eyes shone. "Wow."

We walked over and sat on her bed, and I presented her with a silver bracelet with charm-type shapes dangling from it reading LOVE.

"Oh, Arthur, that's so beautiful!" she exclaimed, delicately taking it from me and holding it in the light.

"Shall I help you put it on?" I asked.

She looked back at me, smiling.

I carefully put the bracelet around her wrist. I fancied I could feel her pulse beneath my fingers as her heart thudded gently.

"Now what?" she asked, quietly, intensely.

Making Harriet my proprius

3. Combining jewellery and suggestion to strengthen the bond

I glanced at the ring and the bracelet and then looked up into her eyes.

"Now, I use suggestion," I murmured.


i) Suggestion

I gazed quite deeply into her eyes.

The rate at which her chest rose and fell increased.

"Darling, you're not worried, are you?" I asked, troubled.

"'Course not," she whispered. "But ... I always feel a bit nervous when you look into my eyes like this."

"No need," I said softly, and I could almost hear the words echo around her mind as I dipped them in hypnotic tenderness.

 Harriet relaxed and her pupils dilated slightly as I continued to stare.

"Bracelets, necklaces, rings," I murmured, "for circles around our wrists, necks, fingers. And when we wear them, the circle is unbroken."

Persuasively, I said "Let my love for you be unbroken."

Harriet continued to gaze at me, too caught by my eyes to speak or react.

"I like the way the ring decorates the finger. Fingers are wonderful at caressing our skin. Won't you caress me similarly with your love?"

"Yes, Arthur," Harriet replied and I could almost hear the word ‘master' replacing my name as it would if she were in a trance.

"The ring also binds two people together: sometimes forever."

I drenched my voice in hypnotic tones this time, knowing it would make Harriet feel like she was drowning in my voice. "Let the ring upon your finger bind us together," I said: "bind our hearts, bind our souls. Let yourself be completely and utterly bound to me."

Harriet was still, almost disconcertingly, unresponsive. Her proximity to going into a trance was nearly tangible, like I was holding the end of a rope that was tied around her waist and she was teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Very quietly, I continued, my voice returning to normal.

"The closeness of a bracelet to the pulse is very gratifying for a lover. The visible blood vessels serve as a link between the jewellery and the heart."

The next part was another suggestion. "I gave you a bracelet. Part of me, of my heart, lies within it. Don't break the link between us. And, even when you don't wear the tokens of my love, we will remain close. You're mine, Harriet; your heart belongs to me. Let our bond strengthen; let our bind strengthen. And now, say for me darling: ‘The bracelet is love: a sign of our bonding."

"The bracelet is love: a sign of our bonding," Harriet repeated numbly. The only sign of something negative was a slight helplessness in her eyes as her will bent to mine.

"'The ring never breaks: a symbol of our binding.'"

Again, she repeated.

I softly clicked my fingers, looking away from her.

"Wow," she murmured.

I smiled. "D'you want to lie down for the next bit?"

"Should I?"

I shrugged. "I'm only reading a poem. I just thought you might be more comfortable lying down."

"Okay." She lay down, gazing up at me.

Observed Effect

Surprisingly, the effects of such powerful suggestion are very subtle. I could detect no clue as to how Harriet was feeling, save the signs that she was relaxed (relaxed muscles, deep breathing, soft expression).

A Clarification of Result

"How are you feeling?" I asked her.

"It's ... hard to describe," she replied hesitantly. "I feel like I'm more in love with you and like there are actual ropes binding me to you."

"Do you feel closer?"

"Oh, definitely. I feel like our souls could be within touching distance of each other. And your company is extremely heart-warming. I'm so blissfully content and I feel like I'm exuding an aura of happiness so that you can feel my emotions too. Isn't that wonderful?"



I sighed, gazing at her, lovestruck.

"No," I murmured, surprising her until she heard my next words. "You're what's wonderful. Nothing in the world can compare to you."

Harriet laughed. "Oh, Arthur, you charmer."

I cocked my head to the side. "Is that a compliment or an insult?"

"Neither - I was affectionately teasing you."

I lay down on my stomach. "Ah, but of course. Harriet's are very affectionate creatures."

She laughed again. When she stopped, she asked "So, you had a poem to recite to me?"

The End

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