The next few months were way weird! I continuously tried to convince myself that it wasn't happening "It can't be happening." I would tell myself. I did so much research on the sort of thing that I thought my fingers were going to fall off. Yet, I still had no clearification. Then, one day, I woke up and felt fine. No worry, no freak out, nothing. I looked around my room to see if Grandma was there, and there she was, ghostly sitting on my chair.

      "Good morning, Sweet heart." She said in a Grandmotherly tone.

       "Hi, Grandma!" I said, with a smile. A smile that surprised even myself.

    After that, I was fine. I realized that I wasn't seeing things, and that I owed it to myself not to worry about it. Grandma and I became pretty close. We talked every day. The months went by until my 18th birthday, then it all went down hill....

The End

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