The beginning

       It all started when I was a child. I had heard stories about my Grandma Andria -Whom I was named after- and heard all the time by family how much I was like her. I also always felt this odd connection, like I had met her and known her, but that wasn't possible. She died a year before my birth.

     Dad always told me, "You had to have met her in Heaven. You're so much like her." I don't know if that got to my head or what, but I always swore that I had this memory of meeting her. Soon that memory became a reality. 

       It was my seventeenth birthday: I was in my closet searching for something to wear to my birthday dinner, when I heard my name clear as day,

   "Andrea." Nobody called me Andrea, not even my parents. It was always Andie.

     "What?" I say, all freaked out "Who... Who's there"

    "Well, it's me, you Silly Goose," The voice was oddly familiar. "Your Grandmother."

     I spun around, and there she was, she looked just like me, only years older, but yet, so young. I wiped my eyes, feeling I was seeing things. I knew I wasn't though. Deep down, I knew this was happening.

    "Happy Birthday, Sweety. It's so good to see you!"

    It was simple, this was my Grandmother, coming back to see me, but that was only the beginning..

The End

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