The Act

Jim Creek and Chris Gepetto are two professional magicians/illusionists performing acts around the world. They create an unexplainable illusion when they are suddenly confronted by two mysterious men.

Long ago, magic was a sacred art. It was used to maintain balance in the world. The art was only passed on a select few for them to be the guardians of our realm; to ward off the evils that threat the existence of mankind.

It was said that there were many evils that ruled the land before. They tormented the humans and made them slaves. The human race would cower in fear for we had nothing against the mighty powers of the Dark Mages.

The Dark Mages were a cult that practiced black magics. These magics were very powerful. Some dark mages would have the ability to be able to shoot a projectile made out of ice or fire out of his or her hand. Some would be able to shape shift to animals and blend in to gather intelligence, and others could curse anyone and make them do as they are told without any resistance.

They were the most feared conjurors of magic.

However, out of nowhere, there came the mages of light who came to fight the dark mages. They fought for the freedom of our race. A huge battle between the two…

“COME ON!” a tall, slim white fellow with glasses on just suddenly spoke. “You actually believe this stuff? Mages and fireballs and magical creatures? This is all a load of…” the brown haired man was cut off by someone sitting next to him. Oh please. You know that I know that you were actually interested in ‘this stuff’ you talk of.”

“Yeah I guess it is interesting. But still; it’s a little too ‘out of this world’ don’t you think, Chris?” he told the man sitting beside him.

“You could say that… but wouldn’t it be cool to actually see those things? Like, real mages and magic and dragons and the like?” Chris replied.

“You’re right. Anyway, it’s almost show time. Wanna head back?”

Chris and the man got up. “Got it boss” Chris said and they both exited the old book shop.

♦ ♦ ♦

There were dazzling lights. There was a stadium full of spectators clapping. On stage were big props and boxes.

“Welcome! Ladies and gentlemen, I am Jim Creek.” The slim man from before was on the stage. “Be amazed and be filled with wonder as I will give to you the most wonderful performance you have ever seen. So sit back and enjoy the show.”

The audience gave him a round of applause once more to give the performer a warm welcome on stage.

Jim pulled out a piece of red silk off his suit. He waved it around to show the audience what it was. He waved it once more and on the third time he waved, the red silk transformed to a brown cane. “Alright, now I’m ready!” The audience watched carefully for he already got their attention with the cane trick.

He lifted the cane above his head holding it at the tip. He threw it up in the air and the cane now became a dove flying around the stage. Everyone was bewildered and they were amazed. They started clapping and kept watching.

“For my final performance for the evening, I’d like to ask for a volunteer” Jim requests from stage. He searched the front row and found a lovely young lady wearing a red dress. “You, with the red dress. Would you come up on stage with me please?” and so the lady stood up. The audience welcomed her and she walked up on stage.

“So for my final act, I will make you float.” Everybody was so eager to see this trick. Everybody knew that Jim Creek was the most astonishing magician anyone had ever seen. His magic was phenomenal. No one could explain how he ever did his tricks. “To do this, I need you to relax. Just calm your mind and body. Don’t worry, I am a professional and I guarantee that there will be no long term damages… probably” everybody gave a small laugh.

He held the ladies left hand. They both faced the audience. “Close your eyes” he said. So she did. Then he counted to three and she started to levitate as he lifted the lady’s hand upward.

Everybody in the room applauded. They were all mesmerized.

♥ ♥ ♥

“You killed it! The show was a blast!” Chris said in excitement. “We got a lot of tips as expected. So, how’s that new trick you’re working on?”

“I think it’s almost done Chris. I really think this new one will blow everyone away. It’s gonna be my…” as Jim was about to finish, he was cut by Chris saying “…best work yet!” Chris laughed and added, “Right. We’ve known each other for years now Jim. I doubt anything will be your ‘best work yet’. You have millions of ideas in that head of yours. So, are we heading out? I’m starving.”

Jim and Chris walk exit the stadium to eat at their usual place. A small bistro down town that serves arguably the best bacon and eggs they’ve ever had. And that was their hang out and ‘thinking place’ as well.

While they were heading to the bistro, in the audience were two suspicious looking people who had an odd conversation.

“So you think it’s him?”

“He does fit the description. We should report this to our superior”

The two mysterious men stood up and left the place as well.

♣ ♣ ♣

At the bistro, the two ordered their regular and started talking about the next magic illusion that Jim wanted.

“You remember the teleporting man trick right?” Jim told Chris. “I mean, yeah, I know the method already. We did that one. I just want a new one.”

“A new one? What do you mean? The teleporting man trick is… that; the teleporting man. What else can you change there?” Chris replied.

Jim thought and thought about what he could add to the illusion. Almost all methods were created and yet, he felt that he could still find one more. One method that would be so unbelievably unexplainable, it will lock his name on the top of the greats.

“Aha! I know now!” the magician said in excitement. “All of the teleporting man methods always used a cover right? A teleportation pod of some sort, doors or whatever like that. How about, a teleporting man trick without any cover?!” the man said and then he continued. “How about, a teleporting man trick that everyone can see in plain sight. The audience just sees me go from one part of the stage to the other without any cover whatsoever!” He had that arrogant grin full of confidence in his face and then Chris asked: “So how do you propose we make you jump from one part of the stage to another?” and Jim paused for a moment, then he said, “I don’t know yet.”

A few hours later, they were dried out of ideas. “There’s always a way! I know it…” Jim convinced himself. “I just know it. The answer has to be there. I bet it’s so simple.” Then Chris’ face was full of wisdom. He got an idea that would change their lives. “I got it!” he said and then they discussed the method.

The two went back to their workshop to build their new apparatus to make their new Teleporting man illusion. They were both very excited to finish it and show it to the world thinking that it would revolutionize the magic industry.

They worked on it for days and nights just to perfect the device that will teleport Jim. The ultimate illusion that will get him the top spot he wanted.

After the construction, they tried it immediately and to their expectations, it worked perfectly.

The next day, they booked a show at the stadium to show their latest work. Of course, coming from the best magicians in town, who could refuse? So they were able to book the date and they got ready to make history.

♠ ♠ ♠

“Ladies and gentlemen. Years ago, there was one magician who was able to defy logic. Two doors were placed at opposite corners of the stage. He then threw a ball from one end. He entered the door and caught the ball coming out through the door at the opposite side of the stage. Everybody was amazed! Ladies and gentlemen, I, Jim Creek, will now do that…” Jim paused to build up the suspense. “I will do it without any cover whatsoever! You will see my every move. You will see exactly how I teleport from one end of the stage to the other!”

The audience was stunned. He claimed to be able to do such a feat so impossible to the human logic. They all watched in excitement. Some of them expected him to fail; others were thinking how someone could do such a thing. Then it started.

Jim took out a ball from his pocket. He showed it to the audience; everybody saw it clearly. He tossed the ball. All eyes were on Jim. He took a step forward and another then everyone fell in silence. In front of the thousands of people watching him; Jim transported from one end of the stage to the other, catching the ball with his hand. There were no doors, no covers. It was just him on an empty stage.

The whole audience applauded. It was so unbelievable and the people couldn’t explain what they just saw. But the two mysterious men were at the audience again; watching Jim do his routine.

As the act ended, Jim and Chris were about to leave when they were stopped by the same mysterious men approached them.

“So you must be the mage that’s been hiding all this time.” One of them said to Jim. “Mage? What in the world are you talking about?” Jim replied. He was about to call on security when the other man took out from his jacket, a crystal gem. It started to glow and then he shot, out of his hand, something that seemed to be a ball of swirling energy.

Jim and Chris fell unconscious but before Jim could totally faint, he heard one of them say, “We better bring them to the plane of spirits. He should be waiting for him there.”

The End

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